RV to create bottlenecks in Ishani-Shikhar’s marriage because of misunderstanding about her


meri aashiqui51

RV continues to be mistaken about Ishani and thinks she had married him earlier for money, and now doing the same with Shikhar. He comes to know of Derwash’s blatant expression of marrying Krisha for money’s sake and regards on not doing any wrong. He challenges RV but gets beaten up in return. Ishani goes to confront RV as he had beaten Derwash but the discussion hovers around the definition of love, in part to RV’s misunderstanding about Ishani and her actual reasons to marry Shikhar. Later on, during Shikhar-Ishani’s pre-wedding rituals, RV marks his entry with some men there to create problems. RV outrightly accuses Ishani on possessing 40 lakhs money, which she got after stealing jewelry and also keeping it mortgaged.


RV wants to save his friend Shikhar and his thinking perceives Ishani as a threat for him. And, for the same reason he came there to alert him about Ishani. Moreover, RV tells Shikhar that he can’t manage Ishani since he couldn’t do the same. Coming to Derwash, he is money-minded and thinks Krisha as a bank account and is marrying her for the richness. Amidst this, the truth of the real culprit Derwash and his role in jewelry stealing is hidden, and instead Ishani is charged. Shikhar defends Ishani rightly from RV’s accusation. But the question is whether he gets to know the ‘real’ Derwash well in time before marriage with Krisha. Will RV manage to clear his misunderstanding on Ishani – the one who doesn’t run for money ?



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