Anandi and Nimboli to counter problems; Honor killing to subject in Balika Vadhu




Akhiraj Singh orders his goons to catch his daughter Kamli after she elopes with Gopal to skip forced marriage with mad and rich guy Pushkar. Mangla sees Nimboli smiling and opines that Nimboli helped Kamli elope, but she stays mum to protect Nimboli from Harki’s wrath. Meanwhile, Harki will realize Nimboli helped Kamli eloped and recalls catching Nimboli with saree clad Gopal. She will take out her anger on Nimboli and decides to get Kundan remarried to another girl of her choice. Mangla becomes Nimboli’s savior again when Akhiraj tries to kill her yet another time.

However Kamli and Gopal are on the way and spending some good time together, but their happiness will be short lived as Akhiraj’s goons continues to follow them. They will keep on running to save their lives to marry each other. Akhiraj decides to keep it a secret and makes an excuse to Pushkar’s dad that Pandit ji asked them not to perform marriage because of Rahu Kaal. Pushkar’s dad gets angry and leaves with the baarat. Akhiraj takes it as an insult and decides to catch Kamli either dead or alive. Will Kamli and Gopal fall prey to Akhiraj or will he get them killed for his fake honor? Keep reading.



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