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Jamai Raja:

Sid is steering Shiv towards DD and wants her to reconcile with her husband. However, DD doesn’t want to give opportunity to Shiv since she is hurt and regards him as the person with lies. She is careful on not repeating a mistake – accepting Shiv. She asks him to leave home but Roshni comes forward and warns on leaving with her dad. This leads to the partition plan proposed by DD. Sid again vows to not let the partition materialize and will fufill the duties of a Jamai well. Next, it turns out that DD shows soft hearted behavior towards Shiv since he breaks right arm after his attempts to save her from goons in the riots.  DD takes care of Shiv by offering milk with turmeric so the pain from wounds get reduced. Roshni also does her duty of a daughter. All this makes Nani maa upset but Sid stops her from intervening to create some problem. Will Sid continue to steer Shiv closer to DD ?

Promo: DD at first loggerheads with Shiv, and her stance is slowly becoming softer
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Naksh and Naira alongwith some element of divine is bringing Bhabhimaa closer to Akshara. At the temple, Akshara saves Bhabhimaa from falling down over the temple stairs due to fast gust of winds. She saves her and both have an emotional hug, which was circumstance driven. Nevertheless, the differences from Bhabhimaa’s side is getting lesser. Also, with Naksh & Naira’s strategey, lands Akshara and Bhabhimaa in a locked store room. Because of this, Bhabhimaa again needed to speak something and when Akshara was falling from window, she utters the word ‘Bahu’ (daughter-in law), which makes Akshara emotional, while Bhabhimaa tries to come to terms on what she just uttered. Naksh, Naira and Akshara feel very soon Bhabhimaa will accept Akshara whole-heartedly.

Naksh reminsices his childhood and anxiously waits for his mission [Akshara – Bhabhimaa reunion] to get accomplished
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Vidya vows on reuniting her family with Gopi but Meera continue to show arrogance and indifference towards Gopi. Before, Meera sorts out her differences with Gopi comes a big twist. Meera goes to the bar with a guy and gets drunk. Gopi keeps an eye on Meera and reaches there. After finding the guy to come closer to Meera during dance, she goes ahead to slap him and also present herself as Meera’s mom. This doesn’t go well with Meera who confronts Gopi soon after and in a moment of anger pushes her away. Gopi loses her balance and breaks the glass to fall down heavily on the car stationed on the road. Gopi is rushed to the hospital with Ahem also a witness to her accident. Before Gopi’s accident, Koki gets doubt on some bad going to happen since her sweet dish being put down by a black cat. So, she carries superstitious beliefs and Gopi’s accident came around that time. With Ahem not opening up to explain to Meera about Gopi, and with Gopi’s accident. What would be going on with Gopi post her accident ?

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi in his state of mind makes a request to Pragya for friendship since he wants to give their relationship some name. Since Pragya has made up her mind on Abhi’s marriage alliance with Tanu so she takes a backseat. She further informs Abhi on Tanu’s possessive nature for him and declines his friendship proposal on that note. She leaves his home and makes a return with Tanu. She didn’t stop there and even makes arrangement for Tanu in her room. Where does Tanu’s child pregnancy matter take Abhi and Pragya ?


Suhani gets ahead to make a place in Dadi’s heart by managing all the expenses of Anuj’s fitness needs and also Dadi’s costly botox injections. Suhani is on the lookout for Dadi’s injection and finally finds it. Before she leaves Dadi’s room, Dadi comes in so she hides herself. She manages to get out after Yuvraaj comes to her help. He hugs Dadi to distract her. Later on, Yuvraaj showers a kiss to Suhani and also a big hug out of excitement. Both are excited since Suhani has solved the business problem at hand and she went through low phases on her trail and finally she solved the last leg by learning from a mistake and translating weak point to a stronger one. Suhani manages to keep Dadi’s condition of doing Yuvraaj’s birthday well, as per everyone’s wishes and happiness. Suhani ends his annoyance by making his birthday a memorable event by keeping it simple.


Lakshya is going through a crisis in his life with love on one side, and to carry on with the responsibility of engagement on other side. Lakshya makes an announcement to Parvati Dadi that Ragini is still his fiancee and bends down to display his obedience to the relationship. Amidst these development, Swara is stuck between her sister’s happiness and Lakshya’s truth on loving her. On another front, Lakshya is sacrificing for Sanskar thinking he would end up his life. He is oblivious to Sanskar’s revenge intentions. Sanskar had lived far from his house after they disowned him for some concrete reasons. He holds Durga Prasad responsible and decides to take revenge from his family. He speaks to someone about his company and contract. Sujata learns about Sanskaar having a company in his name. Moreover, she gets shocked to know he is just pretending to be mad to gain everyone’s sympathy and to make his plan worked. He first wants to take revenge from his brother Lakshya. After hearing Lakshya’s confession of love to Swara, he decides to punish Lakshya by getting him married to Ragini.


Before Ishani going to get accused of theft by RV, comes some moments of romance between her and Shikhar. On the other hand, RV finds Ishani on the road and thinks a guy is teasing her and is mistaken that he is actually helping her by putting the dupatta back. Without thinking, RV goes ahead to thrash the guy and meets Ishani’s ire soon after. Shikhar and Ishani’s romance takes place on the road in the midst of rain, and RV finds the duo and feels jealous with blend of some outpouring love.


Subbu has realized that Ishita has taken away Laxmi’s diary and rushes to Bhalla house to take it back, before Ishita reads it. He recalls how Laxmi and his relation had some grudge because of Bhallas. He says he has to be careful next time and should not let anyone know his revengeful intentions till he marries Simmi and becomes a part of Bhalla family. Sujata asks Subbu to get hold on his anger and she will help him in his motives when the right time comes. On the other hand, Raman and Ishita’s Nok Jhok continues with their sweet fights. Raman has called her fat [Fatto] so Ishita gets bit annoyed and declines to dance with him during Simmi and Subbu’s sangeet dance practice. Raman hugs Appa instead of Ishita being mistaken having gone to Ishita’s room in Iyer house to have some quality time with her. Mrs. Bhalla goes on to pull the leg of Raman on his hug with Appa.


Nisha comes to her home after recovering at the hospital for her injuries. But she is heartbroken since everyone in her family are not trusting her that Sumeet is the real culprit and not Kabir. While Kabir thinks their journey of togetherness has ended, but she decides to not give up, and first thing on her mind is to take out Kabir from jail, and second to prove his innocence to her family. Dolly has changed her stance in strategic terms to regard Sumeet as a good person with a nice heart. With Roopan aunty on Sumeet’s side, he gets overconfidence on not being exposed. Will Dada ji have a re-look in what Nisha said about Sumeet ?

Sasural Simar Ka:

Rai Bahadur plays a game of cards and takes out a card with Simar on it. With a shrewd smile on his face, his intentions towards Simar are not good and also in bad taste. Prem gets a shock to see Rai bahadur’s actions. Meanwhile, Simar wants to keep her self-respect intact and will defend herself. Manoranjan Mausi ji gets kidnapped by Maya, Amar, Calender and she has earlier created lot of problems for Mata ji & Bhardwaj family. Since she has got knowledge and secrets about them, and for the same reason she was kidnapped.

Shastri Sisters:

Kajal wins over Anu again, by calling the jeweler to testify the jewelry and making the decision get in her favor. Ajay helps Kajal and the duo make Anu fall in everyone’s eyes by proving her wrong. The jeweler says the jewelry is genuine and Anu gets tensed, as she knew the jewelry was fake, when she has checked it by washing the extra gold polish away. Kajal challenges Anu to prove her wrong and she will see how she will bring her truth out. Anu gets clever and keeps the real jewelry in the bank locker having seen her replacing the jewelries. Kajal tries to make her relation with Neil fine. She observes Neil getting inclined towards Devyaani again and becomes a hurdle between them. Kajal enacts a fake drama of suicide to get the attention of Neil. She does proper planning of having cushion on the ground with Leela’s help, so that she does not get injured. But her plans don’t work out as planned and she lands herself on the non-cushioned part of the floor. She hurts herself and breaks a leg.

Jodha Akbar:

Jodha and Akbar’s relationship is going through hard times with the entry of Leela who has employed black magic to sway Akbar for her charm. Akbar gets angry with Jodha and even pushes her away to show his anger. She gets teary eyed to see such brazen behavior of Akbar and informs that now he is not the one to whom she loved. Jodha needs to bring out Akbar from the evil influence of Leela. Will she succeed in her endeavor ?

Qubool Hai:

Aahil’s sister Nazia is getting married to Saif and their Nikah ceremony is underway. Sanam/Jannat attends it and Shaad joins her later. Shashi takes another role and turns out that she is elder sister of Saif. She now acts as a Mayor. Aahil at first thinks of seeing Shashi/Mayor before but soon forgets and move on to oversee the ceremony. Saif has been earlier told by new sanam to follow her orders and has already fallen for her charm. Moreover, he is marrying Nazia upon new Sanam’s order.

Another Promo: New Sanam reiterating herself as Aahil’s wife to Sanam/Jannat
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Dream Girl:

Karan falls in Ayesha’s words and gets against Laxmi once again after he gets fired by Manav in the new project. He holds Laxmi responsible for this and takes revenge on her by informing her dad about Laxmi’s big lie to him. Her dad gets a major jerk by this revelation, that Laxmi is still moving towards her dreams and is not chosen in Samar’s movie. He gets hurt thinking his values went wrong and Laxmi did not confide this. Meanwhile, Laxmi clears Karan’s name in Manav’s eyes and tells how she is herself responsible for the lip enhancement cream usage which went wrong and spoiled her face. She fails Ayesha’s plan to tackle her and Karan together in one go. Later on, Laxmi gives her performance in the 2nd round of the Dream Girl contest. It not only tests her technical acting and dance skills but also her emotional capabilities since her dad is in ICU.

Balika Vadhu:

Akhiraj takes off his turban and vows not to wear it until he kills Kamli and Gopal. He deserts his wife from her rights and declares her dead for him for giving birth to a girl child who brought shame for him. His wife Harki cries miserably. Nimboli is shocked hearing Akhiraj taking vow to kill Kamli and her boyfriend. Mangla decides to reach Kamli and Gopal before Akhiraj and his goons catch them. Mangla takes Nimboli along with her and goes to Mela in search of the eloped couple. Nimboli gets happy seeing Kamli. Mangla informs them about Akhiraj’s anger and vow. Kamli and Gopal get tensed and think to leave the place as soon as possible, but Akhiraj and his goons come there and start searching for them ruthlessly. Gopal sees the goons and hides with Kamli in the bus. They continue searching for them. Akhiraj decides to punish and kill his own daughter for his honour. Gopal and Kamli get shell shocked seeing them approaching towards them.


Kabir doubts LD’s intentions and insults him, which compels Radha to insult LD and forcing him to resign from the job. She did this to save LD from the insult which Kabeer meted to him. Kabeer gets boggled with Radha’s move. He thinks that LD is in love with Radha and there is something going on between them. Sadhna convinces LD to take back Radha’s security work. LD goes to Kabeer to request for the job. Kabeer refuses to talk to him and goes. LD sees his manager signing the goons and gets suspicious. He follows Kabeer’s car and sees the goons attacking Kabeer. He immediately jumps in to save Kabeer from being shot and beats the goons. During the fighting, the goons shoots Kabeer. LD covers him and gets the bullet on his chest. Kabeer gets shocked seeing LD unconsciously lying injured, but somehow LD gets up and targets pistol on the goons. They run away scared. Radha senses something wrong is going to happen with LD. She gets hurt too. Kabeer hires LD back on his job, looking at his sincerity and dedication. Once LD reaches home, Radha nurses his wound and cares for him. This forces LD to think that Radha still cares for him. Radha comes to know in the party that LD saved Kabeer’s life.


Arjun and Radhika do not get well by their unplanned meeting at Sam’s new home. While Arjun stayed with the team to discuss his Maybelline ad plans, Neil makes it a good chance to pull his leg and pass some healthy taunts on Arjun to make him angry. Radhika shows her courage to speak up in her direct language and tells Arjun that she has felt he is not good person and how he is holding himself away from happiness. Arjun gets raged by Radhika’s words and asks Sam to show her the exit. Sam insists on keeping Radhika and goes against Arjun. Arjun was thinking to separate Sam and Neil and make Sam lonely by ending her friendship with Neil, but now Sam got a new friend in Radhika, who has made Sam patch up with Neil. Will Arjun be able to corner Sam ? Radhika gets to know Sam’s past and Jai’s death by their accident. She asks Sam to make her bond with Piyali strong, and if she shuts all door for Sam, then Sam should unwind herself and open a new door for Piyali to win her love. Sam takes Radhika’s advice and also a step towards her ‘lost in anger’ mum Piyali. How will Radhika find a destined best friend in the revenge hearted Arjun?



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