Pragya burns Tanu’s room out of jealousy and anger in KumKum Bhagya



Pragya is feeling jealous, even when she is uniting Abhi and Tanu. She is not able to end her feelings for Abhi from her heart. She recalls the moments between her and Abhi, and shatters thinking to lead her life alone without him. She removes all the pics off the wall. She gets angry seeing Abhi and Tanu’s pics and burns them finally. Tanu makes an entry and screams seeing the fire. Tanu blames Pragya for doing this intentionally and taunts her to act great in Abhi’s eyes and backstabbing her. She knows very well how Pragya asked Abhi to do justice with Tanu’s child and not question her anything.

For the first time, Pragya did something against her nature and is justified as she is unable to see Abhi and Tanu together. This shows that Pragya can’t bear to see them and loves Abhi a lot. Tanu gets against Pragya for burning her room and thinks Pragya wanted to kill her. Tanu plans to blame Pragya for theft and trouble her more. Will the truth come out and unite Abhi and Pragya? Keep reading.


  1. What is Pragya doing there? You handed your husband over to the nasty pregnant lady, go to your parent’s home… that’s it… how much abuse you want! And Tanu, as ungrateful as ever wants to cause Pragya pain… Tanu is like the mean dog that bites the hand that feeds it!!!


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