Rudra joins Dansh to save Leela’s life in Mahakumbh




Balivesh and Devesh attend the vidhi by which they can control the Naags. Aghori Baba does all the rituals and makes a protective shield around him so that no one can break into his meditation and stop the vidhi. Leela screams for help as she is going to be sacrificed. Dansh senses her in danger and runs to save her. Rudra and Bhairavi also visualize Leela in trouble. Dansh reaches Leela and starts fighting with the Aghori. Devesh comes to know Leela can escape and Aghori Baba angrily kills his devotee. Rudra sees Dansh and Leela in trouble and fights from their side to protect them. They realize many people are after the Amrit, not just Naags and Garudas. Rudra succeeds in saving Leela and gets together with Dansh for the first time.

On the other hand, Bhairavi tells Rudra not to believe anyone, as its Kalyug and things are not the same. Shivanand still holds the poison in his mind and starts corrupting the Garudas, saying they will be saving Amrit, not to use themselves and not for protecting it from evil forces. Shivanand and all Garudas have got their powers activated and Rudra will be seeing changed Shivanand, who would oppose him and become a hurdle in his aim. What will Rudra do by accepting his fate and standing against Shivanand? Keep reading.


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