Suhani to teach Dadi a lesson of life in Suhani Si…



Suhani realizes Rags has intentionally stopped Saurabh from attending the meeting with Steve. Though she has take timely help from Soumya and Krishna and managed the meeting, she tells Sharad that she has to talk to Rags and explain her. She explains them that Dadi, Rags and Menka are not plotting against Suhani, but also their own family business. She says if they succeed in failing her, then they would lose the rich status of Birlas and come on roads.

She clears that she is not doing this to save her dad’s house from bank, but to protect Dada ji’s dreams. Suhani scares them by making them realize the life if they fail Suhani’s efforts and asks them to get their ways rights. Dadi cleans the home, and looks as the maid of the house, and thinks how poor they will become if the company does not cope up from the big loss. Will Dadi support Suhani by her heart and will? Keep reading.


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