Sandhya’s duty to protect Sooraj’s dreams begins in Diya Aur…




Zakir and Sandhya teach kabbadi to the family, and get kids and elders involved in the game. The family gets some happy moments by Zakir’s entry in the home. Mohit gets irked seeing Zakir and asks Emily to stay away from him. Zakir bonds with Emily and Chavi. Sandhya and Zakir teach the rules of kabaddi to kids, so that they can understand how Sooraj is learning the tough game.

Sandhya has got a rescue mission to save Babasa. She follows the goon’s car on a bicycle. While the car speeds up, Sandhya takes the short non uniform routes and the cycle breaks down. She tries to catch the car and gets up after numerous falls. She suspects Chander to be kidnapping Babasa. She got this info on phone and gets panicking. She determines to catch Chander and do her bahu’s duty. She wants to know the reason of Chander kidnapping Babasa. Sooraj gears up for the kabaddi match. Will Sandhya and Sooraj manage their duties and dreams? Keep reading.



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