RV-Ishani come close during her Sangeet; Finding strength to not curb their mutual love matters


Ishani and RV

Shikhar’s pronouncement on Ishani to be guilty of stealing is taken back by him after he gets to know of Manas as the one who stole the jewelery and also Ritesh’s involvement, and the intentions were to have money to support Dewarsh’s marriage and grandeur. Shikhar gives assurance to Ishani on always loving and trusting her, and wants to have mutual trust between them. He begins to shower love to her while she takes time to reciprocate similar feelings. Shikhar’s engagement with Ishani goes on next, and he asks RV to not attend the ceremony. Ishani continues to feel love for RV though has her own reasons to stay away from him, and for his happiness.

They continue to stay away from each other while under their imagination they dance and express love for each other. The pre-wedding rituals come next and the sangeet ceremony is planned with a masquerade party. There is a situation arises where Ishani gets to dance with RV under masquerade cover. At the party scene, Shikhar is oblivious of RV and Ishani to be dancing together and carries on with the fervor of the night. RV  suspects that Ishani’s life is in danger and keeps an eye on a goon who is seen in the party, to safeguard Ishani and doesn’t let him attack her.


While RV had felt pain for Ishani’s pain and regards himself on getting happiness and sadness only with Ishani, but at the same time he is not completely sure of what Ishani really is, and doesn’t have full trust on her. With Ishani-Shikhar’s marriage getting nearer, Will RV manage to find many reasons apart from his fading old believe: Ishani marrying Shikhar for money, and henceforth put sincere efforts to halt her marriage for their mutual love ?



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