Ayesha manipulates Karan against Samar and Laxmi in Dream Girl



Karan has realized his feelings for Laxmi and thinks to confess it to her soon, knowing she does not have any BF. He buys flowers for her and heads to her home. He is not aware that Ayesha is going there too. Samar tells Laxmi that he does not love Sania and was just making her jealous. He proposes to Laxmi again and asks her not to refuse this time. He says he has seen love in her eyes and just wants her to admit it. Laxmi does not know Raj is actually Samar Sareen, and is stopping herself from agreeing to a Samosewala’s proposal.

Ayesha comes to meet Laxmi, being afraid of her growing success in Dream Girl contest. She gets stunned spotting Samar with Laxmi, and hearing Samar’s proposal for Laxmi. She realizes Samar is in love with her, and this can be more worse if Manav gives his nod to Samar and Laxmi’s relation. She gets worried that Laxmi will take her place at home too if she marries Samar. Ayesha plans to use Karan’s love towards Laxmi and make him against Samar. Will she succeed in manipulating Karan again? Keep reading.



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