Sam favors Neil’s friendship over Arjun in Manmarzian


manmar sam

Radhika has proved to Arjun that her belief in trust has won and also passed some taunts publicly. Arjun gets angry on her and does not show up infront of the team. Arjun thinks to tackle Radhika soon as she is cropping up many issues for him. Piyali throws a success party for getting the big Maybelline NY account. Sam has known about Neil’s feelings for her and takes a step back from Arjun, being a loyal friend to Neil. Neil ignores Sam to end the awkwardness between them. Sam still makes Neil reach her by lying about her dizzy state. She asks Neil to give her some time and also not let any odd factor come between.

Sam and Neil get together in the party and dance on a romantic number in the party, while Arjun gets irked to not break them, all thanks to Radhika. Arjun and Radhika are at loggerheads, where she always gives him lectures and tells him that she has the caliber to prove her lectures in practical way. Arjun changes his focus from Sam to Radhika, till he fails her and does her exit from Sam’s life. Whose love will Sam finally choose – Neil or Arjun? Keep reading.



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