Ishita stops Subbu and Simmi’s marriage in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Ishita reaches the court with much difficulty in an auto and rushes inside hurriedly. Subbu and Bhalla family are happy and wait for Subbu and Simmi’s marriage to happen. The magistrate asks Subbu to sign on the marriage registration papers and he is about to sign. Around the same time, Ishita reaches there and snatches pen from Subbu’s hand. Everyone gets shocked. Ishita announces that Subbu can’t marry Simmi and breaks their alliance. She comes across some shocking revelation about Subbu and stops the marriage, and had earlier got much doubts on why he lied to her. Subbu’s plans to marry Simmi and take revenge on Bhalla family didn’t succeed. He gets hysterical, but controls his actions.

Ishita doesn’t know on the actual truth about Subbu and the reason for Lakshmi’s death. She stops the marriage as she can’t see Simmi suffer again with a bad marriage. Subbu gets angry and his anger reaches to a very high level when Ishita stops him. Ishita acts strangely and tells that this marriage can’t happen. Simmi is shocked as her dreams shatters, and it is yet to be seen if she blames Ishita for the same. Everyone is bewildered and demands to know the the reason for Ishita’s move. On another front, the show would be going for a leap soon. Keep reading.


  1. plz… leap.otherwise the show will losse its many fans and the news of leap has already disapointed the fans sp gradually the trp will also go down.

  2. mein almost many
    ekta serials dekhthi hoon lekin yhm
    unique tha.iss mein ruhi important
    thi. baki saare serials meim main
    leads ho sakthe hai .lekin yhm
    mein ruhi aur ishruh ki jodi ko hi
    accha trp mila bhi .ishra se pehle
    ishruh tha. sabse unique tha.aur as
    i believe ki koi bhi serial mein ruhi
    ke liye itnee saare fans ek chid
    artist ko nahi honge kyunki yhm
    mein ruhi plays an important role.

  3. iss leap ka news
    present track par bhi adar pad
    raha hai.veiwers leap ki wajah se
    pareshaan hai aur present track ke
    liye jitnaa curiosity hona chahiye
    tha sab iss leap ko lrkar
    disappointed hai.

  4. why should there be a
    leap.leap ke bina hi show trp mein
    accha hai. jab ruhi ishitha se alag
    ho gayi thi aur shagun ke paas gayi
    tab trp fifth position pe tha.jab
    ruhi ishitha ke paas aayi tab trp
    second aaya. chahe confession ho ya
    naa ho lekin ruhi ke aane ya na
    aane se trp mein fark pada.jab
    confession hua tab bhi trp sscond

  5. wahi toh ishra se
    pehle ishruh tha aur show ishruh
    ki wajah se pehle popular thi.kya
    hua jab confession hua .yhm trp
    mein second hi tha.jab show mein
    ishruh alag hue tab trp fifth tha
    aur achanak jab sab theek hua aur
    ishruh saath hue tab trp second

  6. itnaa bada major
    drama hone ke baad bhi yhm trp
    second hi raha.agar ruhi gayi toh
    yhm top ten mein hi nahi rahega.

  7. leap nahi chahiye
    matlab nahi chahiye.aur aaj kal
    ekta serials jin jin ne leap lee hai
    woh sab top ten mein hai hi jodha akbar .itna karo na
    mujhe pyaar.aur diya aur bathi
    hum jo number one serial tha ab
    tenth position mein bhi nahi hai
    .toh yhm toh gaaya.

  8. It’s a huge request from bottom of my heart please… Stop this leap… Really the show will lose its trp guys have mercy on LOYAL FANS OF YHM…… NO LEAP PLEASE IT’S A REQUEST….. PLEASE WE DON’T WANT LEAP….


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