Ishani & RV are at loggerheads on Falguni’s murder suspect, while malicious game goes on


Ishani and RV

Ritika is playing shrewd and malicious game to evade her ‘presumed’ crime of Falguni’s murder and frames Derwash as the one having role in such crime. Derwash’s role in sending goons to attack Ishani and also his role in Falguni’s murder comes to the knowledge of RV. Also, it could be RV is made to believe Derwash as criminal by Ritika, and has to be seen. RV goes ahead to confront Derwash and slaps him, and Ishani comes to the defense of her cousin brother. Also, the goons planning to attack Ishani and RV saving her hints at a mastermind behind all such attacks, and there is strong suspicion on Ritika. On another front, Ritika gears up to get as much sympathy from Amba by highlighting on how RV is drifting towards Ishani. Amba falls for Ritika and thinks on making her married with RV with full rights, and this also needs RV divorcing Ishani.


Coming to Ishani and RV’s love front, her marriage day with Shikhar arrives, and they get into emotional mode for their mutual love, and had earlier danced with romance in the rain showers. All things are happening just around Ishani and Shikhar’s marriage: Love, murder suspect, criminal framing someone else: mastermind, sympathy angle. Will Ishani’s marriage with Shikhar comes to a halt because of these developments ?



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