Pragya’s tearful days to end; Tanu’s truth surfaces in KumKum Bhagya



Tanu is pestering Abhi to marry her as she is pregnant with his child. She had trapped Pragya with her great acting, She propelled Pragya to leave Abhi and gets bad in everyone’s eyes. Pragya being a humble soul, obliges to Tanu’s every sayings and decides to free Abhi from the strong relation of husband and wife. She decides to get Tanu married to Abhi and give the best gift (baby) of her life to Dadi. It will be revealed that Tanu is indeed pregnant with producer Nikhil’s child. Nikhil confronts her and questions her decision to marry Abhi. Nikhil tells Tanu that it is his child and why she is lying. Tanu accepts to have been carrying his baby, but says she has to marry Abhi. Pragya is shocked with Tanu’s revelation. She decides to expose them and gets back again in Abhi’s life. With this, Abhi’s confusion between Tanu’s forced love and true heart inclination for Pragya will be cleared and he will stick to Pragya all his life for sure. He has learnt a lesson of his life now after being ditched by Tanu badly. Will Pragya succeed in bringing Tanu’ truth out? Keep reading.


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