Anmol turns jealous seeing Nikhil and Payal’s proximity in Muh Boli Shaadi



Ashok and Ratan Singh who were at loggerheads before and couldn’t bear to see each other face have joined hands to separate married lovers Anmol and Nikhil. Ratan Singh striked a deal of Rs. 1 crores with Ashok to send his daughter Anmol back to his house. Ashok gets greedy and accepts Ratan’s offer. Ashok tells Ratan about Nikhil’s childhood crush Payal Awasthi. Ratan approaches her and gives her a job to raise suspicion in Anmol’s mind against Nikhil. Ashok too, fills Anmol’s mind with doubts about Nikhil and Payal’s relationship. He manages to get Nikhil’s job in the same company as Payal with Ratan Singh’s help.

However Anmol decides to trust on her love and thinks to not let her insecurity win. She goes to Nikhil’s office and sees Nikhil making Payal eats food with his hand and gets jealous. Payal tries to insecure Anmol and gets cozy with Nikhil intentionally. Later Bua ji burdens Anmol with house responsibilities and asks her to wake up at 4’ am in morning for making breakfast, lunch and other things. Anmol gets tensed and she doesn’t know cooking. Nikhil wakes up at 4’ am and sees Anmol sleeping still. He thinks how to wake her up. Meanwhile Nidhi will decide not to let Sushant take her advantage and refuses to give him money. Sushant thinks to teach her a lesson of life. Anmol catches Sushant hurting Nidhi and confronts him. She gets shocked and pain knowing about her sister’s sufferings. Keep reading.



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