Sanyukta & Randhir’s Reunion – One Love, One Heart, One Romance


SanDhir Love Confession

Randhir & Sanyukta are steering towards their love reunion after having gone through pain and avoided love realization until now. Randhir gets into confrontation with Sanyukta and even locked her in the hall but sooner he gets to know of the revelation of her mom’s health condition – brain tumour. Sanyukta has seen ups and downs in her relationship with Randhir and even made fun of but she kept the believe on their love. Randhir gets a shock to know of her mom’s health. Both share eyelocks with heavy emotions outpouring henceforth. The inflexion point of their love triggers and both finally confess their love for each other to become lovestruck.


Their love confession will be falling short so to make it memorable, they go on for a passionate kiss and later on, Randhir going ahead to propose for engagement with a memorable ring to seal their love. The recent issue between them was of Randhir giving priority to Ragini and taking care of her, which means staying away from Sanyukta and neglecting her much. Randhir has proved himself as a very good friend by helping Ragini in the time of need, and has given her strength to overcome Karan’s loss, and even succeeded in pushing her to pursue her ambitions. The confrontation with Sanyukta had to deal with Ragini as well, but with the change in situation now, all is well between Sandhir. All we could say now, Sandhir’s love confession and realization of their mutual love going to show more depth, understanding and care henceforth.

On other hand, Abhay Singh Ranwat [ASR]’s past is unfolding in present with the revelation of his brother’s loss due to an accident, which ASR credits to himself and has been lamenting on it since then. ASR’s past also defines what he is at present. Will ASR’s past and his brother’s loss comes to the knowledge of Sandhir & the dream team ?

* There is Twitter chat tomorrow (12th June), with Sanyukta [Harshita] and Randhir [Param] aka SanDhir going to chat with their fans, to celebrate Sadda Haq’s 400 Episodes completion. Harshita’s Tweet below informing the same.

SaddaHaq Twitter Chat

SanDhir’s Journey:
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