Garuda’s ‘Doom-in-Doubt’ post Rudra’s sacrifice in Mahakumbh



Bhairavi tells the Garudas that they have very less time left now. She says it is just 7 days left for the Mahashivratri and they have two tasks lined up. She states they have to get Ganga back anyway and also protect the Amrit. She understands the circle of Sagar Manthan and the testing time for Garudas. She asks Rudra to choose the right path and the fate will always give him two routes, so he has to be wise enough to choose a right path, which might look tougher than the wrong easier one. Rudra understands her advice and goes on to protect the Amrit by sacrificing his life by jumping in the Vishlok, to get Ganga river back to save people from killer thirst. Maya recalls the final meeting with Rudra, as he gives her responsibility to Bhairavi with a heavy sunken heart.


Shivanand rages knowing about Rao’s true face, whom he regarded his teacher for so many years. Grierson attacks Shivanand to kill him. With Shivanand’s Garuda powers active, he senses the upcoming danger on him and tackles both Grierson and Rao. Bhairavi asks all the devotees to have belief in Lord and pray for Ganga to come back in Mahakumbh. Dansh prepares for the mega fight with Garudas, and gets to know about Rudra’s sacrifice. Will Dansh’s enmity towards Rudra end knowing about his death? Will Rudra survive by the most powerful Vish on the earth? Keep reading.


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