Thapki impresses Dhruv by sting operation’ feat



Thapki was unaware of the sting operation being conducted by Dhruv on the sweet shop. She goes to the same shop to return the faulty sweets and take a class of the seller. She mistakenly bumps into Sakshi and Sakshi’s face is revealed infront of Ghanshyam Das. Sakshi tells Dhruv that she is doubtful that GhanShyam has seen her. She was already tensed on doing this sting operation and puts the blame on Thapki for coming in her way. She tells Dhruv that she can’t go ahead and risk herself.

Dhruv tells the staff that he can’t cancel this operation and this chance won’t come again. He says a girl has to go in the sweet shop as the cleaning maid. He counts on Thapki, who is the last option for him. He asks Thapki will she go for it. Thapki gets hesitant and agrees to him, inorder to get forgiveness from him for all constant mistakes. Thapki dresses as the maid and goes in the sweet shop. Dhruv relies on her and wishes she records the video of the mixing of unhealthy products in the sweets. Thapki succeeds in doing the sting operation and gets stuck at some point, where Dhruv helps her out. Thapki tells Dhruv that her nervousness worked for her, as no one had any doubt on her. Dhruv forgives Thapki for the past events and is glad to have her in his team. The video footage of the sting operator goes on air and Dhruv congratulates her for her superb work. Sakshi gets jealous of Thapki. What will Sakshi do next? Keep reading.


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