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Naitik creates artificial rain for Akshara. Akshara and Naitik are romancing in artificial rain while in their evergreen 40’s. Naitik get the water pipe from the neighborhood and wanted to give rain feeling to Akshara to make the moment special. Naitik makes an excuse and calls Akshara there. Once she reaches there, they have sweets together and enjoy the rain water. They are actually reliving the moments after many years of sadness, as they were away from their extended family, and this romance will surely stronger their relation. Akshara and Naitik dance in the curtain and have an eye lock romantically, just then Rajshri comes there and sees their romance. Naitik leaves shyly from there.

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Meera gets kidnapped and is taken away by the kidnappers. Meera shouts aloud Papa and alerts her family. Ahem runs behind the vehicle, but in vain. Gopi breaks down and cries. Ahem consoles her. Everyone is shocked too. Gopi weeps and says she needs her Meera and asks Ahem to bring her. She raises a question about the kidnapper’s identity and motive. She also wonders about Meera’s condition in the kidnapper’s den. She yearns for her daughter and cries badly saying she met Meera after many years of separation. She thinks whenever she tries to get closer to her daughters, she is bounced back from them.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar threatens Mausi ji that she will take revenge on her within 24 hours and will take help of every possible means (fair or unfair). Prem goes to Rajveer’s room while he is sleeping and tries to kill him. Simar comes and stops him from committing a crime. Later Mata ji couldn’t bear Mausi ji torture any more and loses her cool. She picks up a knife and holds against Mausi ji. She determines not to leave her and take revenge for her crimes.

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Doli Armanon Ki:

Urmi knows about Samrat’s truth and his all doings. She along with Ishaan try to expose Samrat to open up Tani’s eyes. Sometime back Samrat made Urmi do the mujra when she was helpless and came to him for saving her son Shaurya’s life. Now Urmi is doing the same thing and asks Samrat to do the mujra when he approached her to keep his facts hidden from Tani. Urmi agrees and makes him dance in saree. Samrat finds it difficult and insulting, but have to oblige to Urmi’s sayings. He gets angry, but controls his anger as he has no other place to go.

KumKum Bhagya:

The family is rejoicing and dancing together by the good news of Abhi becoming a father. Dadi is very happy and dances happily. She faints by getting tired. Abhi holds her and makes her drink water. Dadi says she is fine and asks him not to worry. Dadi says she is very excited. Mehra family is still confused about Pragya’s news. Abhi is worried as Pragya has gone away from home, and he wants Pragya to bring the truth along and end this melodrama.


Ishani’s mehendi function goes on and even Ritika sits beside her to get mehendi applied to her hands. She tries to make Ishani jealous and shows RV’s name on her hand. Shikhar does not ask Ishani to write his name in the mehendi design, as it will not make the name impression on her heart. Ishani is still confused about RV. Ranvir is marrying Ritika and the functions go on parallel. Ranvir comes and looks at Ishani, who looks gorgeous. Ishani calls Ranvir and asks him to meet urgently.

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Bala brings Bhalla and Iyer families to his home, after the society turned against Iyer and Bhalla family. The society kicked them out by the news of Raman selling Ananya. Ishita says the news was shocking and the society did not support them. Bala did not leave supporting them and got them to his home, while they find it hard feeling awkward. They miss their home and cry after Subbu’s revenge step. Ishita shows she is strong and still waits for Raman. Everyone has hope from Raman that he will sort out everything. Raman will be bringing his family out of this problem and hit Subbu’s problems by the root.

Qubool Hai:

Aahil and Sanam/Jannat are stuck in a tribe after meeting a short accident and getting lost in the jungle. Aahil chants Jackie Chan’s name and tries to fool the tribe. The tribal king and his daughter surround them. Tribal’s head likes Aahil and fixes his marriage with his fat daughter. Aahil gets trapped and tensed. He thinks how to escape from their clutches. Aahil says he can do anything for his love, and gets worried as the tribal king asks him to marry his daughter. Jannat asks him not to lose his senses in anger, and they will seen in the tribal style soon. Aahil says we will stay here, and feels they will be sent with respect.

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After the Holy Ganga river drying, many devotees shed tears. Bhairavi and Shivanand ask them to have belief that Ganga will make a comeback again and forgive them. Rudra fails to get the waters from Dansh and sees the scarcity, which makes the people kill each other just to get a bottle of water to quench their thirst. Rudra worries seeing the state which is getting worse by each passing day, as people are fighting for a single drop of water. A land without water will just ruin lives. The hal hal cloud burst has dried the Ganga and with poison increasing his hold over the Amrit, Rudra has no option that to consume all the Naag evil poison to bring back the Ganga river back to life. He thinks the poison will ruin the human race and anyone has to drink the poison if he has to get Amrit. Rudra goes to fight with Vish, to save the Kumbh Ganga and protect Amrit. Will Rudra survive after consuming the poison?

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Tu Mera Hero:

Rajni finds out about Gulgule’s victory getting possible by Titu’s poetry. Titu agrees to participate in the competition on Surekha and Panchi’s insistence, as he loves this work which is non tiring and shows his best abilities. Mukund gets tensed seeing Titu getting applauded for his talent. Mukund thinks to kick Titu out of the competition by playing a trick on him. Rajni gets glad that she will get real talent to compete and play the game fair. She tells Titu that this will sharpen her talents too and thanks him. Mukund sees Rajni bonding with Titu and worries as he wants to befriend Rajni and get Idol decorations orders for Govind’s shop. It has to be seen how Titu wins the contest amidst all problems.


Radha gets doubtful on Abhishek and his parents and notices their cover up act. Abhishek is Neha’s younger brother, who is taking revenge on Chaturvedi family. Neha cooked up a fake story infront of Abhishek and he trusts her blindly. He traps Jhanvi as per Neha’s planning. Neha wants to teach Chaturvedi a lesson, and plans to force them to marry her with Murli. She feels Chaturvedi will be shattered after Abhishek ditches their daughter and would accept her because of Jhanvi. Jayshree is doubtful about the fake family and doesn’t know that Abhishek’s parents are hired actors. Radha will soon know about the Neha’s link up with Abhishek and gets tensed. She decides to stop the engagement ceremony.

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Chakor and Arjun have tried hard to free Bhagya from the Devi superstitions. Ishwar comes to the temple to support Bhaiya ji’s lies, knowing he still has to get proof against Bhaiya ji, who makes bonded labor by using people’s belief on the Devi. Chakor proves that Bhagya is not any Devi, but is just a human. She exposes Bhavani’s true face and tells Bhaiya ji to open his eyes and see that he has made his own daughter a bandhua for 18 years. Bhaiya ji cries realizing that Bhagya is not any Devi and Pandit has cheated him since so many years. Tejaswini grows soft corner towards Chakor for bringing the truth out and bonds with her. Bhaiya ji has other plans in his mind and is going with the flow, having doubts on Ishwar and Chakor, who are trying to ruin his kingdom.

Shastri Sisters:

Astha has been shamelessly setting a bad example, by putting wrong blame on Rohan for molesting her. Vrinda shows her trust on Rohan and Sunil is just ashamed of Astha. Astha shows her true face to them and lays her conditions infront of them, to relieve Rohan of the case. She asks Alka to leave Rohan, and Rohan should come to her, agreeing to her conditions. The family gets shaken up, as Astha has not left any clue to prove Rohan’s innocence. On the other hand, Anu is troubled by Kajal. Devyaani and Rajat try finding the drug dosage given by Anu and send the halwa for the testing. Kajal will be soon caught by the family. Kajal succeeds in taking the house keys from Minty and plans to kick out Sareen family before Rajat and Anu expose her. Minty will be shocked seeing Kajal’s true face and knowing her real motives.

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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dylan comes to know about Dabbu agreeing to marry Aseem. He knows Aseem has ruined many girls’ lives and wants to safeguard Dabbu. He goes to a café to attend a meeting, and sees Aseem and Chadda there. He hears their conversation and gets to know everything, about Aseem planning to marry Dabbu just to make LN selloff the house, and get 6 crores share from him. He gets shocked knowing how Aseem has fooled Dabbu and is helping Chadda to get Thakur home. Dylan rushes to tell the truth to Dabbu. He goes to office and tries to inform Dabbu. Dabbu does not listen to him, and tells him that she trusts Aseem more than him. She shows him the pics Aseem gave him, which shows Dylan and Chadda joining hands. Dylan gets upset losing Dabbu’s trust and promises to save Dabbu from Aseem. He decides to stop Aseem and Dabbu’s marriage.

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Muh Boli Shaadi:

Anmol decides to trust on her love and thinks to not let her insecurity win. She goes to Nikhil’s office and sees Nikhil making Payal eats food with his hand and gets jealous. Payal tries to insecure Anmol and gets cozy with Nikhil intentionally. Later Bua ji burdens Anmol with house responsibilities and asks her to wake up at 4’ am in morning for making breakfast, lunch and other things. Anmol gets tensed and she doesn’t know cooking. Nikhil wakes up at 4’ am and sees Anmol sleeping still. He thinks how to wake her up. Meanwhile Nidhi will decide not to let Sushant take her advantage and refuses to give him money. Sushant thinks to teach her a lesson of life. Anmol catches Sushant hurting Nidhi and confronts him. She gets shocked and pain knowing about her sister’s sufferings.

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Manjeet and Dilawar are from the same pind and thus support each other in their evil plans. Dilawar acts sweet to Baldev and Veera, and Manjeet helps him in bonding with their family. Dilawar gets more close to them by Manjeet’s help and tries to win their trust. Veera does not trust him and knows something is going on his mind. Dilawar impresses Bansuri by showering gifts and sweets. Veera tries to know Dilawar’s plans and gets inside his office. She tries to find his motives and his goons inform him about Veera spying on him. Dilawar rushes there and hurts Veera, while trying to stop her from leaving. Veera gets severely injured and Dilawar worries of Baldev’s reaction. Will this bring Dilawar’s truth out?

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