High drama after Meera’s truth; Kokila back with powerful dialogues in Saathiya



Gopi cries and sleeps on the posters Rashi made to find Meera. She can sacrifice anything to bring a smile on Meera’s face. She prays to Lord to send her daughter back. Ahem sees her upset. Gopi keeps the posters with love near Kanha ji. Ahem pacifies Gopi and the emotional scene between Ahem and Gopi brings them close. Gopi faces more troubles in the next track. A thief comes to their home and Kokila calls everyone to alert them. Kokila tells Ahem that she has seen someone coming in the room, but she has caught the man’s bag and gloves. Everyone doubt Sanskaar to be the kidnapper and Vidya tells them that Sanskaar is really the kidnapper.

Kokila swears she will not leave him. Gopi faces more troubles in the next track. The thief leaves the clues and find out that its Meera’s doings. How will Gopi change her spoilt daughter? Meera sends a MMS that she is not related to Ahem and Gopi anymore. Kokila gets raged and promises them that she will get Meera back in the family by any way, good or bad. Paridhi acts rude to Rashi and pushes her away. Gopi sees this and holds Rashi. Paridhi blames Rashi to keep Gopi away from family for 10 years, as Gopi has killed Radha just to save Rashi. Will Kokila and Gopi change Meera’s perspective? Keep reading.



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