Thapki to support her family amidst financial crisis



Sakshi turns the table around after getting jealous seeing Dhruv applauding Thapki for her bravery and successful sting operation. Sakshi tells Dhruv that Thapki has intentionally pushed her near the sweet shop to reveal her face to Ghanshyam, so that Thapki can go for the short cut to success and impress him. Dhurv believes the old staff Vivek and Sakshi than the new intern Thapki. Dhruv asks Thapki to write sorry on the notice board 100 times so that it’s a lesson for all the new interns. Thapki does not bend to injustice and tells him that she will not apologize if she is not at fault. Dhruv gets angry on her stubborn nature and asks her to either leave the job or apologize. Thapki chooses to leave the job and sticks to her words that she did not do any mistake. Dhruv gets stunned by her decision.

Later on, Krishnakant breaks the sad news to Poonam about losing the home and shop to repay the bank loan taken for Thapki’s marriage. Poonam gets devastated and informs the same to Thapki. The family goes through a financial turmoil and Thapki has no option left than to apologize to Dhruv and join back the job, keeping her self esteem aside to support her family. Will Dhruv see Thapki’s honesty and trust her again? Keep reading.


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