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Akshara and Naitik get married again. Naksh does their ghatbandhan and Naira does their kanyadaan. She gives Akshara’s hand in Naitik’s hand. Akshara and Naitik’s children are very happy and enjoy their parents’ remarriage. There was a twist in the marriage. When Akshara was getting ready for her marriage, she sees her lehenga’s zip malfunctioning at the mahurat time and had no option than to wear another lehenga than her bridal dress. Naitik looks like a perfect groom and takes vows with Akshara again. It was an emotional moment for Akshara to be happy, after her stay in Cape Town. Everyone happily attend Naitik and Akshara’s marriage. The kids pose for photos with their newly married parents.


Neil wishes Sam does not return to unworthy Arjun and they embark on a completely different journey than before, while Radhika and Arjun are going on the same track of failing each other in the verbal race and game of fate. Radhika observes Arjun hiding about his family and his anger when she spoke about his mother. Arjun’s family was just Nandini, who gave the best life to an orphan. Arjun does not deter from his plan to take revenge from Samrat Khanna, holding him responsible for Nandini’s death. Radhika decides to bring out Arjun’s hidden secrets out and reaches him again to block his way to Sam.

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Jamai Raja:

Roshni happens to see DD’s property papers in Simran’s room.  She gets doubtful and thinks what the papers are doing with Simran when she returned DD’s property after the latter won the case.  Roshni decides to know the reason behind Simran keeping the papers still with her. Meanwhile, Roshni is jealous and insecure seeing Misha’s closeness with Sid. Sid tries to make her jealous to make her realize her past mistake. Roshni thinks even though Sid is trying to make her jealous, but their bond is eternal and no one can come in between them. It is yet to be seen if Misha plays the cupid or a home breaker.

Doli Armanon Ki:

Urmi and Ishaan are searching baby names online for their to- be born child and share some romantic time together while finalizing the name. They have an eye lock and constant smile on their faces, reflecting love for each other. Urmi is very happy and looking forward for her new bundle of happiness. They plan their unborn child’s name, but their happiness will be short-lived with Urmi’s exit from the show. It is yet to be seen what is going to happen with Urmi.  The biggest twist is going to happen just before her exit. The show is heading towards a leap. Urmi will leave the house and new Urmi will enter the show.

Maharana Pratap:

Ajabde gets the news about Maharana Pratap’s death. She doesn’t believe on the news and tells that Pratap is fine. There are questions raising in everyone’s mind looking at Pratap’s torn clothes. Ajabde tells everyone that she tied Maa Bhavani’s chunri to him before he left and that’s why he is fine and alive. She reasons that she is breathing as Pratap is fine. She doesn’t cry being strong and have firm belief that Pratap can’t die. She opines that Mughals can’t harm Pratap.

Shastri Sisters:

Rajat hears Kajal talking to Ajay and gets to know her plan of meeting Ajay. Kajal goes to take more drugs for Anu. She acts clever, but does not know Rajat knows her plans. Rajat informs Anu and asks her to keep an eye on Kajal’s activities. He asks Anu to follow Kajal and get the evidence against her. Kajal tells Minty that Rajat did not change and is still talking to Anu. She fills Minty’s mind against Rajat that he is fooling her. Anu sees Kajal meeting Ajay. Kajal tells Ajay that she got the house control in hands. He suggests her to use the powers and kick out Sareens. While Rajat and Anu tell Kajal’s truth to Minty, she does not believe them. Kajal returns home and kicks out Minty out of home, which gives a shock to Minty. Devyaani asks Neil to keep just professional relation between them and not expect any friendship from her. Kajal calls Neil and comes to know that he is working with Devyaani.

Dream Girl:

Ayesha informs Samar that Laxmi has accepted Karan’s proposal and Samar shatters. Samar’s question raises in Laxmi’s mind of not valuing love and she stays confused. Karan dances with Laxmi in the party and the closeness discomforts Laxmi. She sees every luxury infront of her eyes and feels something is missing. She feels upset and recalls her best friend Raj. Manav makes Samar’s AV, which will be revealing Samar Sareen to the world. Ayesha thinks once Laxmi refused Raj, Samar will never let her come back in his life. The twist will be Laxmi getting to know Raj Samosawala is actually Samar Sareen.

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Maya recalls the final meeting with Rudra, as he gives her responsibility to Bhairavi with a heavy sunken heart. Shivanand rages knowing about Rao’s true face, whom he regarded his teacher for so many years. Grierson attacks Shivanand to kill him. With Shivanand’s Garuda powers active, he senses the upcoming danger on him and tackles both Grierson and Rao. Bhairavi asks all the devotees to have belief in Lord and pray for Ganga to come back in Mahakumbh. Dansh prepares for the mega fight with Garudas, and gets to know about Rudra’s sacrifice.

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Tu Mera Hero:

Titu tries hard to hide himself from Mukund and Rajnigandha. He continues to help Gulgule and is not aware that Surekha and Panchi has got a clue of his talent and new work. Mukund tells Rajni that he will make her plan work and they will make Gulgule leave the contest at any cost. The Agarwal family get excited to see Titu’s new work. Govind is happy with Titu’s honest attempt. Panchi tells Cheeni that today is her last day in the remand home as Titu will pay the bail bond by his hard earned money. Titu works hard and goes in the final round. He asks Gulgule to be alert of Mukund’s plans as he has an eagle eye on Titu. Mukund and Rajni convince the judge Ehsaan and change the theme of the final round in the last moment. Gulgule worries as Titu’s poetry is of no help to him now. Titu gets helpless and goes on the stage himself, donning a new role altogether.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv tells the staff that he can’t cancel this operation and this chance won’t come again. He says a girl has to go in the sweet shop as the cleaning maid. He counts on Thapki, who is the last option for him. He asks Thapki will she go for it. Thapki gets hesitant and agrees to him, inorder to get forgiveness from him for all constant mistakes. Thapki dresses as the maid and goes in the sweet shop. Dhruv relies on her and wishes she records the video of the mixing of unhealthy products in the sweets. Thapki succeeds in doing the sting operation and gets stuck at some point, where Dhruv helps her out. Thapki tells Dhruv that her nervousness worked for her, as no one had any doubt on her. Dhruv forgives Thapki for the past events and is glad to have her in his team. The video footage of the sting operator goes on air and Dhruv congratulates her for her superb work.

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Sadda Haq:

Randhir and Sanyukta finally confess their love for each other followed by passionate kiss. It paves the way for endearing and happy moments between them, and even Randhir going ahead to propose to her for engagement. For SanDhir, love and romance is in the air, and their relationship going to next level. Amidst this, ASR’s past on how be blames himself for his younger brother’s loss is unfolding. Will Sanyukta & Randhir come to know of ASR’s past and remove the guilt from his heart and mind ?

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SanDhir’s Journey:
[youtube id=]


Arjun reaches the temple and meets Bhagya. Bhagya does not recognize him and Arjun reveals his identity to her. Bhavani sees him and gets angry. Bhavani catches Arjun and Bhagya. Chakor and the kids divert Bhavani and help Arjun and Bhagya run away. Ishwar makes another plan to win Bhaiya ji’s trust and informs him that Arjun has taken Bhagya from the temple. Bhaiya ji gets stunned and thanks Ishwar. He says he knew Chakor and her gang are up to something. He rushes to the temple and asks Lakhan to find Bhagya at any cost. Ishwar misleads Bhaiya ji by telling him that Arjun has taken Bhagya to Lucknow.

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Sanskaar’s vieled attacks didn’t stop there as he succeeds to lay the trap for Laksh’s arrest with his goons naming him for Ragini’s kidnapping. He still wants to seperate Swara and Laksh and create more distance, while earlier he compelled Swara to confess love, thus playing an emotional game. Durga Prasad’s reputation gets damaged with Laksh’s arrest, who pleads his innocence but in vain, and Dadi jumps on the opportunity to give disgrace to him. Amidst Laksh’s arrest, Ragini gets into thinking mode on why she shouldn’t revisit her love and thus flipflops to revive love for him again, and thinks to override on her sister’s love. Swara also loves Laksh but limits herself to confess due to circumstances and family pressure.

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Veera tells Gunjan to not react about Geet. There is a function in the pind. Gunjan celebrates with Ranvi and the function gets happier. Gunjan hides her face and plays kabaddi with Ranvi and Baldev. Ranvi is stunned seeing the winning girl is Gunjan. Veera and Baldev have a dance and romantic moments. Veera makes things fine between Ranvi and Gunjan. They do not know about Manjeet’s plans to defame Ranvi by using Geet and Deepu.


Ahem beats Meera’s BF Sanskaar and gets his anger out on him. Gopi slaps the guy and scolds him. Ahem asks him about Meera and beats him a lot. Sanskaar denies of any info about Meera. Kokila’s heavy dialogues hit the guy more than the beating and slaps. Meera makes a fake call to Ahem and says her BF has kidnapped her. Meera will be back home soon. Kokila, Gopi and Ahem will change Meera for sure.

KumKum Bhagya:

Tanu’s drama will end as her truth has come out. Nikhil has come out off her past. Nikhil comes to Abhi’s home and sees Tanu. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Tanu slips being in shock seeing him and Nikhil holds her. Nikhil comes there with a motive. He meets Abhi and is not afraid of anyone, as he holds Tanu infront of everyone. Abhi welcomes Nikhil and does not know Nikhil is the father of Tanu’s child. Pragya is relieved seeing Nikhil. Tanu’s secret is going to come out in the upcoming track.


Suhani looks on as Krishna and his relatives have come to control the Birla house. Radhe brings the locality kids and they break the things around. Krishna and Soumya sit like the rulers of the house and command the Birla family. The bad days have come for the Birlas. Yuvraaj argues with Krishna. He says he will bring the family out of this uninvited guests problem. He sends Radhe and the kids out. Suhani starts cleaning the home and does her duty towards home and office well. Soumya takes revenge from Birlas for putting Krishna in jail.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Sneha is back in Banaras and comes to know about Gajanand’s ill state. Pushpa informs her that Amaya did not help Gajanand and left him on the road, even when he was in critical state. Sneha slaps Amaya and asks her is Pushpa saying right, did she leave her dad to die. Amaya says yes and cries. Sneha scolds her and Amaya takes the blame on herself, recalling Gajanand’s words and his hatred for the Mathurs. Pushpa scolds Amaya and says she would have been widow today if Nidhi Sharma did not get Gajanand to the hospital. The twist will be revealing Amaya’s truth of saving Gajanand’s life, and bringing bond between Chobey and Mathurs.

Amaya & Mantu’s Love Theme Song: Dheere Dheere..

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:

Nandini proposes Manik on her birthday. She sits on her knees and confessing her love to him. It will be a visual treat for MaNan fans. Many incidents were not so good in the past and they avoid it to make her birthday special. Manik arranges many surprises for her and she surprises him with her proposal.

Manik and Nandini - Yaariaan
Manik & Nandini – Love moments (Representational Image)


Ravi takes Devika along and hides with her. He knows Saket’s truth and does not want Devika to marry him. He tries to save Devika’s life from getting ruined. She does not know Saket’s evil intentions, but she is safe till Ravi is with her. Ravi fails to bring the truth out and takes Devika with him. But he tries hard and exposes Saket right when wedding rounds take place in the mandap. Devika will be getting married to Ravi after the big twist in the marriage.

Badi Devrani:

Vibhor has took a challenge to study MBA and his wife Reeti going to support him in his study. There are initial setbacks for Vibhor and how Reeti helps him to move ahead is the current track. Will Vibhor succeed in clearing the first hurdles and gain admission for MBA studies ?

Vibhor and Reeti


A young school girl, Yamini joins her study at a top school in Rohtak, and on the first day she meets her history professor Prithviraj Awasthi. She begins to have crush for him and he also put efforts to come close to her. They begin to chat and he makes it clear to her on his intentions and wants to come very close to her. She falls in his trap and sends her pics over the phone, and didn’t realized how she was exploited. She comes to realize her mistake after seeing his exploitative behavior. She finds him hugging his wife and goes on to confront him and gets strength to threaten him while being teary eyed. He gets scared then to see Yamini’s confrontation. Yamini has astrayed and the realization hits her hard. What’s more to Yamini’s story ?

* Prithviraj Awasthi is portrayed by actor Mazher Sayed, who is married  to actress Mouli Ganguly, his co-actor from Star Plus show Kaahin Kissii Roz [Somewhere, Someday; 2001-2004].

[youtube id=]

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Vasundhara – Kabir’s (jojo) mom takes upper hand over Gangwals by giving them financial troubles and also put efforts to seperate the couple Nisha-Kabir. She had lied to Kabir with her fake story on how Ramesh dumped on their love. She isn’t aware of Viraj but knows Nisha’s boss loving her. Both Nisha & Kabir express their love for each other, but aren’t happy with things around. Viraj’s identity revelation going to bring the twist for Vasundhara, Nisha-Kabir and the Gangwals, and Vasundhara’s seperation plans getting affected. Amidst this situation, the onus lands on Viraj, who would be stepping back after getting to know of his relationship with Kabir: brothers, and also Nisha loving only Kabir, and he was mistaken earlier. On the other hand, the Gangwal’s worry is the lease renewal and the financial burden imposed by Vasundara. Who is going to help Gangwals in their crisis ? Will Jojo come to know of his mom’s lies ?

* In all certainty, NAUC bids adieu on 27th June, 2015, and going to be replaced by the new show Badtameez Dil…, which starts from 29th June, 2015  @ 8:30 PM. Aneri Vajani’s (Nisha) tweet expressing gratitude confirmed the show’s departure. All the best to all the actors, and the team for future work endeavors !!


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    inform her about her life being at
    stake. Knowing this, Ishita will get
    worried about her children. She will
    approach Shagun ( Anita
    Hassanandani), inform her about her
    illness and request her to live with
    Raman and take care of the Bhalla
    family and the children!
    Informs a credible source, “Shagun
    will be now seen under good light
    where she will try to mend her
    relationship with Raman and be a good
    So what happens to Raman (Karan
    Patel) then? Why will he let Shagun
    take Ishita’s place in his life given the
    fact that he loves her a lot?


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