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* Poll closes on Sunday, 21st June 2015 @ 6 PM IST. Go ahead to vote for your favorites !!

POLL RESULT UPDATE:  21st June 2015 @ 6:15 PM IST 

* Congrats to Viraj aka Taher Shabbir on emerging as the winner. Also, congratulating Kabir aka Mishkat Varma for giving very tough fight until the last day. Wishing the best to Taher, Mishkat and Aneri for their future work endeavors !!

* Fans love clearly shown during the course of this Poll, and also by means of comments. Thank you and Kudos to all for voting !!

* Diversity:  Viraj & Kabir fans from different parts of the world voted for their favorite.



  1. What the hell….since yesterday kabir was highest with 60% and that viraj lowest….even you want to promote that viraj

  2. exactly aur truly kahe toh VSR hi sabse hot hain uski height body appearance aur laughing and talking habit. he is complete for everything. so no competation with others kyunki viraj marne laga huwa mosqutos jaishe nahin hain.

  3. no doubt , kabir is best , cutest, hotest and perfect.. he is too jolly , interesting .. many people love to watch him .. his jokes and he is just best in whole nauc …kabir rocks.

    • we wont accept you what will you so ……………. aap ish duniyaki akele ho kya jo aap kahe wahi ho humare hisab se viraj hi hain

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Seriously??? Kabir is as hot as an ice-cream. hot is the “X factor”- that only Viraj / Taher has. Sorry- but as you said- truth is truth!!!

  4. I think that now we don’t need to vote for viraj………..there is a large difference which kabir lovers can’t cross till 6pm.

  5. agar kabir fanz apna power vote pe dikhata reply k badle toh aur accha hota! but d fact is viraj fanz are more united …..SORRY POOR KABIR FANZ…. LACK OF UNITY……….AWEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


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