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Ishita starts controlling Adi seeing him making wrong friends. She asks him to end friendship with Vinni too as she gave him wrong advice. Adi feels humiliated infront of his friends and asks Ishita not to say anything to him. She still asks him to not be in bad company. Adi asks her to not interfere in his life and compares with her Shagun, saying Shagun was better than her in regard of giving freedom to him. Ishita gets disturbed and hurt by his words.

KumKum Bhagya:

Nikhil comes to meet Tanu at Abhi’s home and shocks Tanu. While the duo will secretly meet to share the talk, Pragya becomes a witness to their secret and gets to know Nikhil is the father of Tanu’s child.


Ishani gets to know about Ranvir’s love for her, while she accidentally hears him talking to his lawyer and saying how much he loves his wife, even then he is ending ties with her for some reason being helpless. Ishani advises him to not file for divorce as the relation is accepted by his heart, which is most important in any relation to survive. Ranvir comes to the front and sees her. They both get shocked seeing each other and knowing their talk was on their marriage itself. Ishani realizes Ranvir still loves her.


Neil and Ragini are still on cross terms, and Aman being just her sole support, who is unaffected by any conditions. Ragini and Neil get another topic to argue. This time its about Suhani and her BF Karthik. Neil awaits to meet Karthik while Ragini gets nervous. Neil defends Suhani can have a BF as she is over 18 years now and he will support her. He says he will not let Ragini force her decision on his daughter this time.


Someone enters Modi Bhavan and steals Meera’s passport, also leaving a clue there. Kokila rushes on hearing the sound and sees the thief. She calls out to everyone and they get a clue that it might be Sanskaar.

Qubool Hai:

Aahil and Sanam are coming close in the jungle, while he is trying hard to make her believe his true love. After Aahil kisses her, Sanam slaps him hard. Shaad gets to know that Aahil and Sanam met with an accident. Fake Sanam scares him saying maybe Aahil and Sanam will not survive. Shaad does not believe her.


Soumya and Krishna are making everyone in Birla family realize the stay of a jail and also give them jail type food – roti and onions. Menka and Rags refuse to eat it. Soumya does not give them any option. While Dadi has become great in Soumya’s eyes, Krishna and Soumya has come in Birla House by a motive to find the real culprit behind the theft and tests everyone by troubling them. Krishna tries to find out Dadi’s intentions, as she was the one triggering him against Yuvraaj and Suhani.


Kabir goes to meet Viraj in rage. He has an argument with Viraj and asks him to keep Nisha happy. He says he will not leave him if he hurts Nisha. Nisha rushes to find Kabir. Kabir gives away his love to Viraj. Nisha cries knowing how Kabir has cheated him. She waits for him and Kabir has gone away from her leaving her and asking Viraj to take care of her. Nisha gets sad knowing about Kabir’s deal with Viraj. Kabir is under the misunderstanding and thinks Nisha also loves Viraj. He wants to unite her and Viraj.


Sooraj plans and gets hold of the traitor, spotting him in the car. The car rushes to escape and meets with an accident. Sooraj runs after the car and tries to remove the mask from the man’s face. The man hits him far and runs away. Sooraj catches him and gets stunned seeing its none other than their coach Mahendra.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni’s romance will be seen again. Sid makes his inseparable relation more strong by ending Roshni’s annoyance in filmi style. He sings and dances for her, also presenting her gifts in SRK style.

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  1. y writers giving torture to viewers showing nibir separation due to misunderstanding ……… u r ending nauc inspite of many oppositions then at least show nishu and kabir’s romantic moments ……….

  2. Plz upload tere sheher mein spoiler and also manmarzian!! Talkng abt the yhM itz nw gud for nthng and about the leap i hate it. Y cnt people write nice stories?


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