Ishani to alert RV about Ritika’s truth and crimes revelation in Meri Aashiqui…



Ishani comes to know Ritika not bearing the child of either RV or Sharman. Ritika tries to evade the truth about the double-murders: Chirag & Falguni, and also of the unborn child’s father identity (Chirag). When Ishani meets her and opens heart out on her realization that RV not being the dad of the child, which she learnt from Sharman. Moreover, Ishani informs her on wanting to revive her love with RV since all her pain, hatred and sacrifice was due to misunderstanding. Ritika listens to it but gets into her selfish and shrewd mode and asks Ishani to stay away from RV akin to sacrifice since she also loves him much. Ritika always enacted scheme of things: helplessness, pregnancy, social pressures to influence and trap RV in maintaining a relationship akin to marriage.

After asking Ishani to stay away, Ritika keeps a watch on Ishani and can harm her when needed. RV have had earlier decided to part ways with Ishani since every time he endured the pain because of their relationship and seperation, and had signed divorce papers. RV and Ritika’s pre-wedding rituals go on and also the marriage day comes. Ritika on her marriage day decides to kill Ishani after sensing Ishani might know some of her secrets and truth. At first, she kidnaps Ishani and also spills out the truth about her, and follows it by stabbing her. She heads back to her marriage mandap while Ishani remains unconscious on the road. The marriage function progresses with RV and Ritika exchanging garlands and the rituals proceed henceforth. Ishani somehow manages to reach the marriage venue and exposes Ritika and her true self.


RV gets stunned to see Ishani with wounds and also its hard for him to believe Ritika’s truth since he was circles in web of lies and deceit coming from Ritika. Thus, the twist with Ritika’s truth coming out puts the onus on RV to accept Ishani wholeheartedly since she yearns and has longing to be with him due to love. Amidst this, Shikhar who has been a great support of Ishani, also a very good friend, and the one who loves her much would be stepping back. Coming to Ritika, she has given deceit to Sharman, RV, Ishani, and also committed multiple crimes. Will RV be able to accept Ritika’s truth and her crimes ? What will happen to Ritika following her crimes coming out in open ?

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