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Krishna and Soumya have called up guests home and kept a Mujra to create irritation in Birla’s family member’s hearts. Suhani’s inlaws home has turned into a Mujra place. The lady dances and sings Bhajan, based on Suhani’s request. Radhe tries to trouble them and Suhani stops Radhe from creating a scene. Suhani asks Krishna not to bring disrespect their family and not keep any Mujra performance. Dadi stops the lady and the lady sings the Bhajan. Krishna gets angry and Lalita holds her head as Suhani flopped their plan.

Krishna to annoy Dadi; Dadi to fall in her own trap in Suhani Si…

KumKum Bhagya:

Tanu gets irritated and throws the flowers. She bumps into Mitali and starts arguing with her. Mitali does not know the reason for Tanu’s behavior. Tanu has got stuck hiding from Dadi about her pregnancy. Dadi makes her work hard and gives all the petty works at the home. Dadi makes Pragya sit and relax. Pragya smiles seeing Tanu working and enjoys. Abhi makes heroic entry and orders all the ladies of the home to take rest today. He says ladies will not work in the functions and saves Tanu from the work. They all enjoy Bulbul’s mehendi function.


Akshara’s mehendi function is done by happy celebrations. Rajshri, Varsha and Jasmeet dance while Akshara gets the mehendi applied to her hands. Naksh wakes up with a hangover. He talks to Ananya and Sanju and realizes his mistake. They give him lemon water. Ananya says Naitik did not tell anyone that Naksh was drunk, but she can’t be sure about Naitik’s reaction today. He rushes and goes in the mehendi function.


Meera gets ready as a bride and is all set to marry her boyfriend Sanskar, oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend Sanskar is betraying her. Tolu makes hole in Sanskar’s car tank, so that petrol gets leak out. Gopi, Kokila and others are shocked seeing Meera in bridal attire and follow the car. They determine to stop the marriage and bring Meera home. Meera will get into trouble and her family will save her after beating Sanskar.

Maharana Pratap:

Maharana Pratap comes to fight with Akbar. He fights with Akbar’s soldiers. Pratap wants to tackle the Moghals alone and he wants to rescue Kalla from Akbar’s clutches. Pratap kills many soldiers and comes face to face with Akbar. He rescues Kalla and asks him and his soldiers to leave from the fort.

Piya Rangrezz:

The viewers will be getting to see a changed Shraddha who can do anything to get back Sher’s love and trust for her. Sunehri gives advice to Shradda to make Sher fall for her. Shraddha comes to know about Sher’s birthday and plans a surprise for him. She gets ready in her bridal dress. She calls up Sher asking him to come home early tonight. Sher gets puzzled on Shradda calling him home. Shraddha adorns herself and applies sindoor happily, accepting Sher by her heart. While she waits for him, Rani gets closer to Sher and tries to attract him. Shraddha tells Sunehri that she trusts Sher completely and he will never go close to Rani. She recalls Rani’s words that Sher belongs to her and gets bit tensed.

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dylan alerts Dabbu about Aseem. Dabbu does not believe him and shows huge trust on Aseem. She asks Dylan not to interfere in her life and keeps the marriage date immediately after the engagement. Dabbu stays irritated at home and does not show any enthusiasm towards Aseem and their new relation. Mamta and LN start worrying seeing Dabbu upset. Dabbu tells them that she will be going office even on her engagement day. She tries to be away from the preparations that is hurting her heart even more. She does not find Dylan at office and wonders where did he do. Dylan goes to Mumbai to get proof against Aseem and meets few people who know Aseem well. He gathers a recording to bring out Aseem’s truth and rushes to stop Dabbu’s engagement. Dabbu and Aseem meet in their engagement and Aseem feels he is close to victory now.

Dylan to stop Dabbu and Aseem’s engagement in Dilli Wali…


Ragini has gone psycho in the show as she dons the same look as Swara. She does not understand Laksh and Swara’s love and thinks Laksh likes Swara’s superficial beauty and dressing sense. She dresses as Swara, changes her hairdo and wear similar accessories just to make her fate similar to Swara. She starts planning to get back Laksh as she regarded him as her husband by her heart. While Swara tells her that she loves Laksh, Ragini gets angry and calls Laksh to make him against Swara by using Sanskaar. Swara doubts Sanskaar as he looks mentally normal to her. Ragini uses this against her and tries to break Laksh and Swara’s relation, to step in Laksh’s life. Ragini hides the truth from Swara about her and Sanskaar’s partnership in crime.


Neil is trying hard to make Sam believe in love again. The moments he brings some positive approach in her, she recalls Arjun and goes back in unhappy mode. Neil asks her to trust his friendship and her idiot will make her realize true love one day. Sam asks is he sure of this. Neil takes it as this challenge, having seen Sam’s trust on him. The duo are having some weird, over the hook friendship scenes. Neil wants to bring Sam out of the darkness in which Arjun has pushed her. Meanwhile, Arjun and Radhika keep on fighting. She bores him with her lectures and he gives back his regular one-liners. Radhika insists on staying with him in the room, after feeling cold in the lobby. Arjun dislikes the idea and tries to scare her to make her run out of the room. He gets closer to make her leave, while she sticks to him managing the situation. Arjun and Radhika’s ignorant love track is starting.

Radhika gets firm to change Arjun’s motives in Manmarzian

TumHi Bandhu Sakha TumHi:

Shreya and Bhushan will confess their feelings once again on the occasion of his parents’ marriage anniversary. They dance on SRK popular song and get romantic. They are trying to re-lived their parents life journey moments in a dance. There is a twist in the show and Ajay and Sanjana’s marriage truth will be coming out. This surprise will shaken up Pethewala family. Shreya brings out this truth out. Trilokchand and Elaichi get shocked by Ajay’s marriage and meet Sanjana’s parents, wherein Trilokchand gives her nod to accept Sanjana as her bahu. The family does so to keep their dignity and annoyance starts between them and Ajay.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi tells Ayesha that she has found true love and Ayesha gets worried that Laxmi really loves Raj. She gets to know Laxmi has left letter for Raj in the green room and plans to get the letter. Samar also goes to get ready in the same green room and finds the letter box. Ayesha sends her assistant to take the letter before it reaches Samar. Samar misses the letter and waits for his entry on the stage. Laxmi and Ayesha have a dance faceoff where Laxmi falls in between the performance. She gains strength recalling her dad and Raj’s words and dances again. Ayesha gets overconfident with Laxmi’s fall and loses in the faceoff. Laxmi wins the Dream Girl contest and looks for her biggest supporter Raj around, to admit her love for her. The moment comes when Samar is called on the stage. How will she react seeing her Raj Samosewala as Samar Sareen?

Laxmi to win the contest and meet Samar Sareen in Dream Girl

Tere Sheher Mein:

Amaya loves Mantu, and gives equal importance to her career as well. She determines to make her career to stand on her feet and be independent. She goes for an interview, but gets rejected at first. However the boss gets impressed with her simplicity and honestly and hires her on the job. Amaya gets happy with new job and informs her family. She is being pampered by her family as she gets ready to join the office. There will be a love triangle coming up between Amaya, Mantu and Rudra.


Ishwar submits the documents to the high command and issues the arrest warrant of Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji makes the village against Arjun, who tried to marry Bhagya/Devi Maa. The villagers get angry on Arjun and throw big stones on him to beat him. Chakor gets worried and prays that Ishwar comes soon. Ishwar lands there at the temple with the police. Bhaiya ji did not imagine Ishwar would cheat him. Ishwar keeps his loyalty towards his duty and arrests Bhaiya ji for making bonded labors. He exposes Bhaiya ji’s evil doings. Bhaiya ji rages and defends himself. Ishwar shows him all the proofs against him and Baa gets glad seeing Bhaiya ji handcuffed. Ishwar frees the entire village from being bonded. Chakor gets glad to see a free land and real Aazaadgunj. Will Bhaiya ji accept his defeat?

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