Ishita to fix CCTV camera in Adi’s room; Huge drama to follow in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mhbtn2

Raman and Ishita will have a major fight yet again. All this happens because of Adi. Ishita keeps a CCTV camera in Adi’s room to monitor him. Raman scolds her for doing this totally wrong step and scolds her. Ishita does so as she has to be strict towards Adi, knowing what all he has done in his past. Mrs. Bhalla gets stuck hearing their arguments and feels Ishita is concerned for Adi, she is a good mum who keeps an eye on the kids.

She gets upset seeing Adi cry and tells the camera news to Raman. Raman supports Adi and scolds Ishita, asking her not to interfere in his son’s life. Ishita gets hurt by his words and asks is Adi not her son. She says she does not need to stay with them if they does not want her in their lives. Raman asks her to leave and Ishita lands up in Iyer house again. Mrs. Bhalla tries to make Raman and Ishita understand of not multiplying the problem. Will Raman and Ishita end their fight? Keep reading.



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