Chakor to get shattered by Ishwar’s death in Udaan



Bhaiya ji rages seeing Tejaswini arrested along. He plans to kill Chakor after knowing she has helped Ishwar. He asks his goons to kill Ishwar and Chakor in order to punish them for cheating him. While Abha and Aditya are proud of Ishwar, Vivaan gets some annoyance in his heart after knowing Manohar landed in jail again. Ranjana takes the control of the haveli in her hand and is happy to see Rajvanshi family behind the bars, as planned by her and her father Girdhari Lal. Ishwar asks all the kids to celebrate their freedom. The village celebrates to get free from bonded labor and Ishwar too rejoices.

Chakor goes to the national sports institute after getting a chance to represent her school. Bhaiya ji makes a devious plan to kill Chakor and Ishwar in the bomb blast. Ishwar gets to know about this and saves Chakor, thus risking his life. Ishwar dies in the blast after saving Chakor. Chakor shatters for the first time in her life, when its shown that she never cries since her birth. Chakor weeps for Ishwar’s death and holds a grudge for Bhaiya ji. She recalls Ishwar’s words and goes to the institute to show her talent and get selected by the committee. Chakor runs harder to keep up Ishwar’s wish and gets chosen by the committee. Will Ishwar’s death bring a revolution in everyone’s heart? The next track will also showcase Arjun and Bhagya’s blossoming love. Keep reading.


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