Ishaan and Samrat to die; Leap ahead in Doli Armanon Ki



All the lead actors are bidding bye to the show and this week episodes will be sad to watch for his fans. Ishaan is next to die in the car blast. Ishaan goes to save Samrat and ends up dying. Urmi shatters seeing his dead body. Samrat planned to kill Urmi and got trapped himself. Ishaan’s dead body is brought home and Urmi walks in. Ishaan’s soul comes to Urmi and asks her to take care of her, assuring her that he will always be there. The moments gets eye wetting to see Urmi’s pain and the emotional talk between them. Ishaan’s death gets shocking for the family. The big twist will be showing Samrat’s change in heart.

Urmi holds Samrat’s collar and holds him responsible for Ishaan’s death. Samrat feels very guilty for Ishaan’s death and realizes Ishaan’s goodness as he died while saving him forgetting the enmity. He have an emotional outburst and cries, but no one believes on his tears and asks him to leave from their life. He pleads for punishment, but is shown the door. Even his wife Tani holds him responsible, which makes Samrat go away from them. He goes to sea, and walk straight in water without thinking anything. He embraces death and this way his character will be shown ending in the show. Keep reading.


  1. Plz don’t do that …… plz don’t end it like that ….. it will have been hopeless to have followed the whole series foe it to end sooooo extremely horribly

  2. Painful to see ishan die.cannot see serial anymore. .. very painful. One would like to see something happy as all this always going around in life. If serials show positive aspects things are brighter..hopeless

  3. The series is not the same without Ishaan, It was tearing to watch him die in the last episode. The story is really stupid as Urmi never has her happy ending. She is going to be a mother again and yet again with no loving husband by her side.
    who cares about what happens to Samrat, he deserves it….I cannot watch further as there is no use cause it just gets worse from time to time.
    VERY STUPID….I am disappointed with this series, after watching it for so long, it was a waste of time.

  4. Surprising. Did not expect this. Urmi never got a happy life. Samrat is not punished.
    Ishan’s end was a SHOCK!

    Very dissapointed with this serial. Wasted my time watching it wince so long. Failure.

  5. Ishaan and Urmi were the epic couple to watch, without Ishaan – my family and I are so sad. I hope there will be a twin or something like that (stolen by a doc or nurse and given to some woman who lost her child). Plz plz, we want Ishaan back, we love him, his kindness, simplicity is what we women adore.

  6. it really hurts to see ishan dieying bcos of samrat deeds…….i cnt wish to continue watching ishan death but i hope samrat will pay for this….and urmi will expose himmm.disgusting man

  7. Poor urmi ..I can’t watch this poor girl suffer anymore ! Seeing the worst thing to happen to a mother and wife is too much for women to see on There favorite serials..I used to look forward to watching this before I went to sleep now with ishaan dead and urmi once again ruined I don’t want to see this anymore ! This needed a happy ending to show women can overcome a failed marriage and start afresh what message is the show giving ? This is the dumbest ending just like what happened to Zoya and her husband in qulbool Hai ..another show I refused to follow !

  8. Today’s episode left me in tears. Ishan a kind hearted soul had to leave in such a disastrous way. Samrat d villain shud hav not Ishan.:(

  9. All these serials show women suffering over and over again. What is this negative message all about??!! That women are not meant to be happy? Foolish people go to hell with your dumb stories!

  10. Ishaan and Urmi were the best and cute couple to watch, without Ishaan..i love ishann and urmi the serial is waste without them.i dnt tnk so that people going to watch doli armano ki now them.

  11. If they really wanted to kill of the main characters,y din just end this show with a happy ending..,,and start a new drama on the channel?

  12. There is no doli armaano ki without samrat, ishaan and urmi. It gives false negative hopes to people. This series will be losing alot of publicity

  13. is all huspand like samart ? samart role is show too much negative in this serial. why did not show in it that women is not safe now days without her huspand. is all women get like ishan in theire life after divorce . is there is no any right a father to live with her son like samart . i think this serial is increasing women ego with the man. lot off lady will follow urmi . and will try to make like urmi. i want ask is all women mistakeless ?

  14. Plzz not let the ishaan to die.the drama is unless without ishaan.plzzzZZz not let any off them to die .aal viewers need happy ending so plzzz not let ishaan to die

  15. What the hell yar?yeh kya hota hai.kam az kam ending toh happy dy dety.pory dramy thora rulaya tha jo itna bakwas end dena hai?samrath toh mara?but why ishaan?its not right.

  16. Indian produces always gives us series with unhappy ending, why don’t u people have happiness on your country. Common movies, u act anyhow, don’t u know how to give a happy story line? You act like cartoons, cartoons now is sensible than your series and movies, Ishaan could’ve called police or any family member to help them,you think we are kids to watch your stupid series eh?, if you will continue showing such series then Ghanaians will stop watching your series.You are not serious, you will let enemies jubilate in a,series why, it bores me.I don’t like your series, it makes no sense, especially, kumkum bagya and now Dorli Armaano kids.


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