Krishna’s revenge to soar; Dadi to get maid’s getup in Suhani Si…




Dadi has been foolish to get Krishna and her family home to kick out Suhani from their house. Krishna has come to take revenge from Dadi mostly, and shows he is taking revenge from Suhani. Yuvraaj gets angry on Krishna and pushes him down on the floor. Radhe goes to beat Yuvraaj and struggles as he can’t even reach his shoulder. Yuvraaj holds his neck and kicks him. Soumya scolds Yuvraaj and asks him to obey them. Lalita asks Dadi to wear a simple white saree and also remove her jewellery. Dadi gets stunned and has no option. Lalita asks Dadi to cook for them and become her maid. Yuvraaj rages seeing Dadi’s humiliation. Dadi calms Yuvraaj and thinks to talk to Krishna. Suhani goes to find the formula in Krishna’s home. Soumya catches her there and asks her about filing FIR against her for stealing things from her home. Suhani defends herself and Soumya asks her to realize why Birlas have complaint against Krishna.

Dadi confronts Krishna for his family’s growing tortures on the family, which extended to her now. Krishna tells her that he does not want Suhani to doubt on him, that’s why he is doing all this. He asks Dadi to cooperate if she wants to see the result of her plan, that’s Birla members opposing Suhani. Krishna fools Dadi and wants to expose her slowly, by making her frustrated to speak out the truth herself. Yuvraaj’s trust on Dadi is already shaken up, as Suhani and Sharad tell Yuvraaj that Dadi is supporting Krishna in this matter. The trio get an idea to stop the bad happening at their home. Soumya tells Suhani that she is not doing anything wrong and just supporting her husband. Will Suhani realize Dadi’s plotting against her? Keep reading.


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