Ragini’s craze for Laksh splits the sisterly love in Swaragini…



After Dadi has come to know about Ragini’s truth to be Sanskaar’s partner in breaking Laksh and Swara’s unity, Dadi did not believe anything and showed trust in Ragini. Sanskaar tells Dadi how Ragini has helped him in separating Laksh and Swara, by accepting what all he has done by Ragini’s help. Dadi can’t believe him and confronts Ragini about this. Ragini was shown sweet and simple who could do anything for her sister Swara and parents. Now she has turned grey and selfish to eaten up Swara’s happiness.

Ragini regards Laksh as her husband and wants to win him over by dressing up like Swara. While she did great drama and acted good infront of Swara by hurting her hand, Swara did not have any doubt on her. Ragini has successfully cleared Swara’s doubt on Sanskaar too. Swara now believes that Sanskaar may really be mad and she was just overthinking. Dadi asks Ragini not to be do anything wrong or unjustified thing. Ragini justifies herself as fighting for her love is not wrong. The next track will be showing Ragini’s over the hill craziness for Laksh which can make her do anything. Will Ragini harm Swara to knock her off Laksh’s life? Keep reading.


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