Arjun and Radhika to develop strong friendship; Defining moment post Radhika’s accident in Manmarzian



Radhika has risked her life to save Arjun, without any firm feelings for him. She has shown her selfless nature and has gone to the extent of putting her life in danger to save Arjun. Arjun recalls how rudely he behaved with her and did not respect her friendship request earlier. He lost belief in Lord after Nandini’s death and now waits for a miracle from Lord. He prays to Lord by visiting the temple and prays for Radhika’s life. He tries hard to take her to the hospital and gets stuck in the religious procession.


He rushes her to the hospital and hopes for her welfare, recalling all her humble and pure efforts by Radhika to end his hatred and anger. Arjun decides to accept Radhika’s friendship and turns into her best buddy as Radhika once wished to have, after seeimg Sam and Neil’s lovely bond of friendship. It was Radhika’s wish to have a strong selfless friendship and this time Arjun will be the one to fill that place. A new journey will be shown in Arjun’s life where Arjun and Radhika will be seen sharing a super sweet bond. Radhika asked him about his reason to hurt Sam and hopes Arjun confides in her. After Radhika won his trust and heart, will Arjun tell her Nandini’s tragic history?

On the other hand, Sam gets angry as Arjun did not turn up to meet her and shares her outburst with Neil. With Neil’s calm and composed friendship and his goodness to let her heart free, will Sam value his virtues and realize Neil’s love. Neil does his work of loving her and leaves on her to understand his feeling some day. Neil and Sam get to know about Radhika’s accident and Arjun’s changed behavior.

Actress Shilpa Agnihotri (Shilpa’s Wikipedia page) will be making an entry in the show as Nandini, and a big twist will follow. Nandini’s character was shown in tragic state and now the twist comes where she is not shown dead, and is back in Arjun’s life to push him more towards seeking revenge from Samrat Khanna. With Sam melting towards Arjun again, it will be interesting to see Arjun getting confused between his revenge and his inner goodness surfacing by Radhika’s presence. Keep reading.

Shilpa last worked in Colors TV’s Big Boss 7 as contestant.



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