Gumrah Season 5 28th June 2015 Episode 15 – Suchi’s Obsession splits sister’s bond, and life-long regrets, with Karan Patel on Channel [V] – Promo



The story is about Suchi. Sushi is a young girl who is pampered and cared much by her elder sister. Whenever she gets into a problem, her elder sister comes the rescue with assuring words and also providing care. Suchi gets to know of her sister’s boyfriend and starts to mingle with him. Soon the introduction and bonding go on to become obsession. She starts to eavesdrop on her sister’s BF and gets jealous to see him dancing with her sister.


Later on, when her sister is not around, she tries to reach out to the boy and shows her intentions of wanting to come close to him. He shrugs her away since he is in a relationship with her sister and finds her moves weird. But Suchi has already got astrayed and her obsession drives her to commit actions which she will be going to regret for the rest of her life. This episode touches on the aspect on where to draw the line between obsession and normal meetups especially with our close ones: relatives or friends.

What made Suchi to develop obsession for her sister’s BF in first place ? Has she got a thought for introspection or listening to conscience to not astray in her life ? Stay tuned to Gumrah this Sunday @ 7 PM on Channel V India.

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