Pooja to realize Anandi and Nimboli’s relation in Balika Vadhu



Akhiraj gets Kundan remarried to another girl. Nimboli is oblivious to the fact that Urmi is coming home and happily gets ready to attend the marriage, but Akhiraj and Harki refuse to take her along to the marriage venue. They insult and call her inauspicious for them. Nimboli gets hurt and thinks to see Kundan’s second wife Urmi face once she comes home. Kundan gets married and brings his second wife home. Innocent Nimboli tries to see her Urmi face happily. Kundan’s new wife is much elder than Nimboli. Harki welcomes the newly weds, while Nimboli tries to see her glimpse. The new bride performs the rituals, not knowing about Nimboli being Kundan’s first wife.

At Other side, Mannu leaves the house and tries to elope with Pooja, but Jagya comes to the bus station to stop them from taking wrong step. Kundan raises hand on Nimboli blaming her about hurting his new life. Disa saves Nimboli and tells him that Nimboli has given hot tea to the girl and ends the fake complains. Nimboli gets sad and thought to making Urmi her friend. Nimboli starts bonding with her, but Nimboli does not know Urmi does not wish to become her friend. Meanwhile Mannu and Pooja escape from Jaitsar’s home and reach Jhalra. It is the same village where Nimboli is staying with Akhiraj’s family. Looks like Mannu will find Nimboli’s truth and help her reach Anandi. Pooja was to get married to Kundan in her childhood, but the marriage as stopped by Anandi. Akhiraj got angry and kidnapped little Nandini that time to make her marry Kundan. Will Mannu and Pooja unite Nimboli with Anandi? Keep reading.



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