Dhruv’s heroic act to save Thapki turns romantic in Thapki Pyaar Ki



After Dhruv has got Thapki’s lost esteem back, she gets thankful to him. Dhruv takes her in the important meeting instead Sakhi, and gives her the honor to be part of the meeting being a new intern. Thapki tells him that she has never realized that she is something, and he acknowledges her that she is surely much along with her stammering. He tells her that her stammering does not matter to him and he is not ashamed to have her in his office and life. Thapki gets touched by his words. They both go home and recall each other, falling in love with each other.

Thapki falls in trouble by Suman and Rachna’s plan and falls into the big water tank in Dhruv’s home. Thapki was making butter milk and goes to get Zeera to add in it. Suman keeps the Zeera box on the terrace tank and puts oil on it. Thapki tries to get the zeera by getting on the tank and she slips inside. Dhruv hears her screams and rushes to terrace to save her. Suman and Rachna get worried but does not help her. Dhruv jumps into the tank and they have a romantic moment. He rescues her in heroic adventurous way. Vasundara and Bau ji also give their nod to Dhruv and Thapki’s proposal. Vasundara decides to take the proposal to Thapki’s family. Thapki’s motivating interview conducted by Dhruv will be on air next week and that will bring the big twist when Vasundara gets to know Thapki’s stammering problem. What will be Vasundara’s reaction? Keep reading.



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