Dylan realizes love for Dabbu; Dabbu decides to marry Aseem in Dilli Wali…


dilli dylan

After seeing Mamta’s critical state, Dabbu gets thinking about saving Mamta’s life. She thinks Mamta is important to her than her own happiness. She realizes how LN can’t stay without Mamta and the family needs her. She makes a decision and recalls Mamta’s words. The doctor asks them to keep Mamta happy and do as her wishes. Dabbu realizes Mamta wants Dabbu to get engaged to Aseem. She can’t say anything shocking to Mamta and can’t tell her Aseem’s truth. She goes to meet Aseem, after he got beaten up by Chadda’s goons. Aseem angrily hurts her as she broke the engagement and he landed in trouble. She tells him about Mamta’s state and blames him to be responsible for this. She scolds him for cheating her and asks him to get engaged with her for Mamta’s happiness. Aseem gets glad to get another chance and agrees to her. He shows some attitude to her and makes her beg to him.


Aseem asks Dabbu to marry him in the temple directly without any engagement or further hurdle. He blackmails her and asks her to think about Mamta. Dabbu agrees to marry Aseem to make Mamta happy. Dylan realizes his feelings for Dabbu and tells him mum that he loves Debjani a lot. Will he be able to stop this marriage? Keep reading.


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