Nandini to control Arjun’s heart confusion over revenge and love in Manmarzian




Arjun started being rude to Radhika once again. After he saved her by rushing her to hospital on time, he had those feelings of changing his ways, but Nandini has filled poison in his mind once again. Arjun has again decided to take revenge from Samrat and is unable to get over the bad past. He recalls Nandini’s pain and wants to marry Sam to get total control on Samrat’s life and birdsong. Arjun meets Sam and her parents at the dinner. Radhika confronts him about Nandini and he gets shocked knowing she has heard her name. Samrat walks to Arjun and Arjun covers it up infront of him. Radhika observes Arjun’s tensed behavior and covering up by his excuses, which makes her doubt more firm on Arjun. She thinks whether Arjun is again breaking Sam’s heart and the reason might be surely strong that he is doing wrong intentionally.

Arjun asks Radhika to mind her own business and does not answer her, which makes her find things on her own. Arjun behaves badly with her to make her away from him. He gets hurt seeing Saral’s arrogant behavior with Radhika and holds his anger to teach Saral a lesson later in private. Saral gets jealous seeing Arjun and Radhika’s eyelocks and finds it weird. Arjun feels Radhika is a very nice girl and she deserves all the happiness, and keeps her away from his revenge fire, which can burn her happiness too. He sees trust for him in Radhika’s eyes and gets restless. Sam agrees to marry Arjun and he gets glad to get close to his aim. Radhika requests Arjun to trust her once and confide everything. Nandini stops Arjun from falling in any friendly relations. Which way will Arjun go now? Keep reading



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