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Vinni gets the dance competition form and hands over to Simmi asking her to pass on to Adi. Simmi tells about this to Raman and they get thinking that Adi is not good in dance. Raman gets an idea of sponsoring the dance competition event for Adi, so that Adi wins the contest being Raman Bhalla’s son. Ishita finds this wrong, as other talented kids will get let down by Raman’s actions. Raman clarifies to her that Adi has to win at any cost, and he is going this to boost Adi’s confidence, and assure Adi their support. Ishita gets annoyed with Raman and he tries to make up to her in his usual romantic taunting style. She finally agrees to him, thinking maybe Adi will really work hard to get deserving of the victory. Raman and Ishita will be seen in few romantic moments at the kitchen.

Full Post: Romi’s struggle to win Sarika’s trust; Raman to sponsor Adi’s dance event in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Bhabho gets a big shock when Emily is held responsible and everyone in the family blames Emily for breaking Chavi and Zakir’s alliance. Emily defends herself and just then Zakir comes there to enquire about Sandhya. Emily slaps him for making her a culprit in her family’s eyes. Zakir apologizes to everyone and asks Bhabho for Emily’s hand. Bhabho gets shocked and she was wishing the same, as she wanted to kick out Emily from home so that she can start a new life with Zakir. Chavi gets sad seeing Zakir’s love for Emily. Emily refuses for Zakir’s proposal and it has to be seen how Zakir wins her heart. Emily tells Bhabho that she has her roots in Rathi home and she would never leave them. Bhabho later dreams of Sooraj marrying someone and gets worried by the sudden bad thought. Bhabho shares her worry with Sooraj, and Meenakshi taunts Sooraj that it will be good if he gets a new bride this time. While Sooraj has his loyalty for Sandhya, will Sandhya’s disappearance for this mission make Sooraj marry someone else?

Bhabho gets tensed by Sooraj’s second marriage thought; Himanshu falls in Sagarika’s charm in Diya Aur…


Naksh plans to do business alongwith studies, and gets lazy in seeking admissions in college. This makes Naitik angry on him. Naitik feels Naksh is taking his career and studies light and is worried for him. Naksh’s name does not come in the admission result list. Naitik scolds Naksh and asks him to get serious in life. Naksh does not tell his plans to the family and discusses with Sanju, Yash and Ananya. He plans to make it big by anything unique and creative to make his own name, and is not keen to join Naitik’s business. Akshara asks Naitik to give some time to Naksh. Finally, Naksh gets some positive news from Sanju and gets happy.

Naitik worries for Naksh’s future; Karishma’s insecurities bother family in Yeh Rishta…

Tere Sheher Mein:

Amaya can’t bear her dad’s insult and decides to quit the job. She makes her resignation and does not confide with Mantu. Even then, Amaya does not leave the job by the contract rules, and also because of her family’s financial needs. She decides to meet Dev and know the reason of his hatred. Dev will be soon shown back in Banaras and has an old linkup with Sneha Mathur. On the other hand, Rudra hears Pushpa saying Sneha will be back in their home one day and thinks to make Gajanand against Sneha. Later on, Amaya goes to a fair with her family where Shiv Rudra prayers are also going to take place,  and meets Mantu there. Uma gets angry seeing Amaya with Mantu and stops her from sitting close to Mantu. Uma makes her words clear that Mantu belongs to just her. Mantu is not aware that both Uma and Amaya love him.

Amaya contemplates to quit her job; New twist by Uma’s outburst in Tere Sheher…


Radhika confronts Arjun about Nandini and he gets shocked knowing she has heard her name. Samrat walks to Arjun and Arjun covers it up infront of him. Radhika observes Arjun’s tensed behavior and covering up by his excuses, which makes her doubt more firm on Arjun. She thinks whether Arjun is again breaking Sam’s heart and the reason might be surely strong that he is doing wrong intentionally. Arjun asks Radhika to mind her own business and does not answer her, which makes her find things on her own. Arjun behaves badly with her to make her away from him. He gets hurt seeing Saral’s arrogant behavior with Radhika and holds his anger to teach Saral a lesson later in private.

Nandini to control Arjun’s heart confusion over revenge and love in Manmarzian



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