Shaad sacrifices his love to get Aahil and Sanam married in Qubool Hai



New Sanam tries sticking to Aahil and gets close. Aahil asks her to move away. She tries to woo him again and fails. Aahil scolds her. She acts cheap and asks him to come back to her, as Sanam(Jannat) and Shaad are together. She says he has no one in his life now and taunts him. She tries behaving like Sanam and asks him to love her. She makes him jealous asking him to think about Sanam and Shaad’s romance on their wedding night. Aahil gets angry and leaves. He sees Sanam coming in her bridal dress for the marriage. Sanam looks gorgeous as a bride.


Sanam and Shaad are getting married. She sits for the Nikaah with Shaad. She gets thinking about Aahil and is about to say Qubool Hai being lost in her thoughts. She gets confused over Shaad and Aahil. She keeps her loyalty for Shaad and says Qubool Hai. The twist comes as Shaad sacrifices his love and makes Aahil sit as the groom with sehra on his face. Shaad asks Aahil to take the groom’s place and talks to him behind the curtain, when Sanam could not see them. Aahil gets indebted to Shaad for this sacrifice and thanks him. Sanam and Aahil finally unite and get married, with Shaad looking at them and being happy for their union. What will new Sanam do knowing about Aahil’s marriage with his love Sanam? Keep reading.


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