Sid safeguards Shiv from Misha’s killer attempts in Jamai Raja


jr misha

When Shiv reveals Misha’s secret to Misha thinking her to be Roshni, Misha stabs him with pointed scissor repeatedly. Shiv gets injured. Just when Pyscho Misha tries to kill Shiv, Roshni and Sid reach there and rescue Shiv. They get shocked seeing Misha’s madness at the peak. DD will be shocked and will be confused about Shiv’s message that he left from their life. She will realize that there is surely something hidden from her eye. Roshni and Sid take Shiv to hospital. Everyone pray for Shiv’s recovery and his wellbeing. Misha gets the news of Shiv being still alive and wants to clear every evidence by which she can get caught.

Sid comes to the hospital and wants to unveil the mask from someone face. He wants to expose someone and diminish the gap between Roshni and him. Misha is seen hiding in the hospital, in disguise of a nurse and then wears burqa. Sid follows Misha who has reached to hospital to steal the proof against her with Shiv, when she has tried to kill him. Sid tries to catch the girl, after seeing the lady doctor running from the ward. Misha succeeds in clearing the evidence and tries to harm Shiv again. She sees Sid coming and runs away. There will be major revelation of Misha being behind attack on Shiv. It is yet to be seen how Sid manages to expose Misha. Keep reading.


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