Kokila ignores Meera’s growing drama; Ahem to support Meera in Saathiya…


saathiya kokila

Paridhi is annoyed with Jigar about Rashi’s matter. She says family did not trust her and she does not want to come for breakfast. Jigar asks Gopi to make Paridhi have something. Gopi goes with Tolu and Molu and asks Paridhi to have the butter milk, instead of food. Paridhi refuses being angry on them. Tolu and Molu hold her, while Gopi makes Paridhi drink it forcibly. Paridhi coughs and says something is added in it. Gopi smells the glass and gets shocked by the phenyl smell. Paridhi starts getting unconscious by its effect and they call a doctor for her.


Meera has added the phenyl in the butter milk and threatens the family. Jigar stops her from drinking it. Meera does not take the blame on her that Paridhi has got ill by drinking the same. Paridhi gets her anger out on Gopi for forcing her to have the butter milk. Kokila raises hand on Paridhi on her bad remarks on Gopi. Gopi holds her hand and stops Kokila. She defends Paridhi and knows Meera is at fault. Kokila will be the one to find who has added phenyl in the butter milk. Meera puts the blame on Gopi that she has made Paridhi drink it. Kokila understands Meera’s plan. Jigar is hurt seeing Paridhi and scolds Meera, saying she hates them and she is the one who has done this. Meera misbehaves with him and says its his problem if he can’t get his wife cured. She says she will drink the butter milk and prove herself innocent. Ahem supports Meera and Kokila scolds him. Will Meera break the family, or will Kokila change her? Keep reading.


  1. i hate this stupid cunning meera… she does not have a heart at all … how could someone misbehave with her mother … meera is getting out of controll now .. its like radha is back in the show again .. meera is just like radha now.. and whats wrong with this ahem .. he is suporting meera??? unbelievable… i just hope that stupid meera learns a lesson … and get back with her family …


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