Roshni derives inspiration from her grandpa Kishore; Vasundara and Rajat work hard for Leela hospital…


Ek Nayi Umeed - Roshni on Life OK

Roshni was over excited to work with Dr Raghunandan and made a mistake in surgery. Though Dr. Roy took her side, knowing she is one of the best resident surgeon. Roshni asks Raghunandan not to quit from doctors’ panel. Raghunandan asks her to forget about becoming a cardiac surgeon and this shocks her. She falls in despair and talks to her granddad Kishore. She tells him everything about her mistake and Raghunandan’s anger. Her mum Vasundara gets miffed knowing about Roshni’s sadness. Roshni tries to perform better and gives her opinion against Nick/Nikhil in the operation. Nick argues with Roshni saying she is trying to cover up her mistake in the surgery and going against her friend.


Nick misunderstands her and fumes on her. Roshni feels bad to see Nick not believing her. Meanwhile, Roshni’s brother Rajat has opened a grand multi speciality hospital Leela, named after his grand mum. Vasundara and Rajat try to get the best doctors’ panel for the hospital and also try to convince Kishore to join them. Rajat is worried that successful doctors of the city Bhopal are throwing tantrums to join the hospital and demanding high fees. Roshni will be later shown joining Leela as the cardiac surgeon and helping out Rajat in the hospital.


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