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Badtameez Dil:


Abeer and Meher go in the channel party. They dance together and Abeer tries to get over the past. Abeer acts rude to her and shows hatred for her. He sings and dances with her, and handles her rough getting ill mannered. Meher scolds Abeer and gives him an angry look. Nisaar does not like Abeer’s bad attitude towards Meher and gets into a fight with him in the party. The bitter truth of Meher and Abeer’s past will be shown. Sasha tells Abeer that its evident that he still loves Meher and is hurting himself by hurting Meher. Abeer gets drunk and goes to meet Meher, challenging her that he will move on in his life and forget her. Nisaar holds grudge against Abeer seeing Sani not valuing him and his talent.

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Raman and Ishita did not get any time for romance in Mumbai, because of Shagun. Raman is worried for the kids, as Shagun can snatch them. He catches cold and gets his frustration on her, by arguing and taunting her. Raman decides to go back to Delhi and has to stay until he gets well. Salman Khan’s film promotion will be part of the upcoming track.


Kokila’s home is undergoing many problems. Everyone is troubled by Rashi, and they doubt on Paridhi and Meera. Rashi has done conspiracy yet again, leaving everyone shocked. She closes the bathroom door from inside and everyone ask her to open the door. Rashi conspires to kill Gopi and tried to burst the geyser. She comes out on time and Gopi is about to go inside, but she was saved in the nick of time. Kokila notices Paridhi and Meera were not present at that time and gets doubtful about then person doing this. Rashi tries many things to kill Gopi, as she wants to take revenge from Gopi from killing her mother Radha. Gopi will be revealing the big twist to Kokila by bringing Rashi’s hatred for her out in everyone’s eyes.

Revengeful Rashi tries to kill Gopi; Modi family to get troubled in Saathiya…

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti makes a big scene infront of Raghav by telling how Kaushalya has kept Shivam’s commission. She gets to know about Shivam buying clothes for Kaushalya and takes it for Sarla. She snatches the money by her drama, leaving Kaushalya upset again. Shanti does not know Sarla’s plans about hiding Amit. Riya meets Shivam again and tries making him jealous by her jokes. Shivam does not get affected as he does not want to make her adjust in his home. Shivam and Riya work together in the office and Riya waits for him to say about their marriage. Shivam goes to meet her at her home. Rani wants to stop Amit’s marriage with Riya, as she loves him since childhood. She tells Amit that she can give him money and asks him to marry her. Amit asks her to forget him. Rani gets to know Pari’s affair and thinks to use it, to keep Sarla in control and marry Amit.

Sarla’s drama to buildup more confusion in Mere Angne Mein


Rashmi comes to her Maayka in preparation of Saawan festival. Naitik welcomes Rashmi and Gayu. Naksh follows Akshara’s instructions. The girls are happy to enjoy the function. Sanju is staying at Rajshri’s home and comes with Maheshwari family to celebrate Saawan festival with Singhania family. Nandini tries to know Yash and Sanju’s truth as Rukmani warned her against Sanju. Nandini asks Akshara to look after Sanju.

Yash and Sanju’s love story to surface in Yeh Rishta…


Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she can’t keep away Soumya from her life and this annoys him. Rohan asks Suhani not to become great and manage her marriage and husband first. Suhani talks to him about her departure from Birla house again and Yuvraaj gets upset. Yuvraaj feels Suhani’s presence completing him and still has to confess love to her. Dadi fools Yuvraaj once again, and Rohan extends his stay at Birla House, to unite Suhani and Yuvraaj and also find Dadi’s real intentions towards Suhani. Dadi tells her decision to everyone that Suhani will manage Birla company till it gets stable like before. She asks Suhani to stay back on Rohan’s advice. Yuvraaj makes Suhani wear the mangalsutra infront of everyone and shocks everyone. He accepts her as his wife by his heart. Yuvraaj and Suhani’s romantic scenes will be seen more in the upcoming episodes. He helps her in making pasta in kitchen and sticks around as a doting husband.

Dadi’s truth and Rohan’s efforts to bring Yuvraaj and Suhani together

Shastri Sisters:

Raghu makes Anu fine by dedicating all his time to her and making her back to normal. He has cheated her and brought her to his home, just to keep her always with him. He has been pressurizing Anu to accept his love and has kept her tied in a dark room since a year. Anu finds the exit of the room and tries to escape. She sees a maid and tries to reach, but Raghu comes and stops her from making anyone realize her presence. Raghu catches her and fails her attempt to run away. Anu cries and pleads him to let her go to her family, as she is already married. He asks her to accept his love and only then she can live a normal life with him. What will Anu do now? On the other hand, Rajat has turned mysterious and the reason of his betrayal did not come up. Devyaani gets a bit doubtful on him, and Rajat clears to her. Rajat bonds with Devyaani on pretext of sharing the pain of losing Anu, and tells her that its just her who can keep him happy. Neil is happy seeing Rajat out of the supposed trauma post Anu’s death. Alka goes to meet Rohan after he gets out of the jail, and answers him about the divorce papers. The big twist comes when the changed Rajat is shown as an imposter, and having some evil plans.

Anu fails to escape from Raghu’s clutches; Rajat turns mysterious in Shastri Sisters


Simar tries to clear black hand print of the wall with an iron road, but it wasn’t going off. Just as the mark gets clean, Simar’s troubles come on Mohini. Thakurain gets Mohini kidnapped by the goons. Mohini is taken forcibly and she screams for help. If she is caught then she will be killed by goons. Simar have to struggle to wipe off the evil shadow from herself.

Qubool Hai:

New Sanam has done black magic again to end Aahil’s love for Sanam. She joins hands with Shashi Kapoor. She says she will not take Aahil’s love by begging him, but by her rights. She shows Aahil’s statue and does some black magic on him. Sanam decides to return to Pakistan with Shaad. New Sanam traps her in her words and asks her not to go back. Sanam tells Shaad that she wants to go back, it won’t be good to stay here in Aahil’s home for long. New Sanam wants Aahil to hate Sanam and wants a chance to fight for her love.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Diwakar tries to molest Thapki. She slaps him hard and tries to run away. Dhruv tries reaching Thapki and calls her again and again. Thapki shouts for help, and runs from the office. Dhruv gets to know about her and rushes to her. Thapki runs from there and Dhruv spots her. He asks her to stop and gets worried assuming she met with an accident. Bihaan meets Thapki and tells her that if she wants to take revenge from someone, then she should marry that man and laughs on her. Thapki loses her confidence after Diwakar’s misbehavior and Bihaan’s taunts. Later, Dhruv shares his feelings with Thapki and proposes her. He confesses her love to her and wants for her answer. Thapki recalls her stammering problem which can become a humiliation for Dhruv. She thinks to refuse him for marriage.

Dhruv to confess love and propose Thapki; Bihaan to influence her decision in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Swara’s mehendi rituals are going on. Ragini sings and dances as if she is happy with Swara’s marriage, and has some plan against her. Annapurna has accepted her and applies Shagun mehendi on Swara’s hand. She blesses Swara. Swara gets emotional and couldn’t stop her tears. Sumi hugs Swara and is very happy for her. Everyone takes photos with Swara. Ragini is upto some big plan and does not wish anyone to doubt on her intentions.

Tu Mera Hero:

Panchi has finally for Titu’s talent truth out infront of everyone. She exposes Vaishaili to be hiding this truth from them, and was also separating Titu and Panchi. The family seeks an answer from Vaishaili. Vaishaili says she has done this for the rights of Keshav and Mukund on Govind’s business and property, as they both are the one to work round the clock for Govind since years. She asks Govind to give their due and not do injustice with them. The family forgives Vaishaili. Panchi says they should support Titu and send him to Mumbai to make his comedy king career. Govind gets against it as he is well known businessman and he will not let Titu become a comedian. Panchi and Surekha try to convince him, and even Titu wants to achieve fame and name by his easy job of entertaining everyone. Govind stays adamant and does not permit Titu to take part in laughter challenge. Panchi finds Titu’s happiness in pursuing this work of entertainment, name and fame. She asks Titu not to worry and thinks of some plan to make Titu elope. She takes Surekha’s support to send away Titu from Mathura to Mumbai.

Titu to elope to pursue his dreams in Tu Mera Hero


Sandhya comes to know about Bhabho and Sooraj going by same train to Kota. She informs the same to Bharat and shares her worry for them. Bharat tells her that they can’t stop the mission and asks her to try to stop Sooraj and Bhabho instead. Sandhya tries to make Bhabho go by bus or any other train. Bhabho is not convinced and says Sooraj has already booked the train tickets. Sandhya gets worried seeing Bhabho and Sooraj board the train. She worries as the train will blast at the last coaches and initial ones will also be in risk. She has hidden her Sagarika role from her family and also the fact that Sandhya has to be away from her family even after kidnapping Himanshu.


Nandini has observed Arjun’s growing feeling for Radhika and wants to keep Radhika away from him. She sees Radhika influencing Arjun. She gets shocked knowing Saral and Radhika’s marriage has still 5 months to go. She wants to send off Radhika back to Rishikesh so that she takes her revenge from Samrat peacefully. She instigates Saral against Arjun and Radhika. She asks Saral to marry Radhika soon, before he gets empty handed. Saral gets doubtful about Radhika having feelings for Arjun, and decides to hurry up with marriage.



Devika gets shocked knowing Ravi’s proposal was for her and not for Nivedita in the party. She chooses Ravi’s friendship and love over the selfish Saket. Sakshi helps her in realizing her love for Ravi. Devika prays to Ambe Maa and shouts out to seek her help. She asks Ambe Maa to stop her marriage with Saket as she does not want to marry Saket. She waits for Ambe Maa’s miracle to send an angel to save her from Saket, and just then Ravi gets evidence against Saket and rushes to stop Devika’s marriage. Devika is lost in thoughts and wants to soon confess her love to Ravi.

Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni:

Roshni is a medical student in London. She aims to become a cardiac surgeon. She gets an opportunity to work with her idol Dr Raghunandan and starts assisting her. He gets angry seeing her more humane side and sends her out of the OT. Roshni gets depressed. She then takes an off from work, by her senior Dr Roy, who believes in her talent and humanity driven approach to save people than saving her career. She believes there is life where there is hope.



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