New entry to add more action and drama in Diya Aur…



Sandhya has hidden her identity and has proved her death to her family and to the world. The naxalites named Garjana Sanghatan are planning something big and they come to know about Sagarika’s visit to the Durga temple. They send the team’s best man and the leader Chandrashekhar to see Sagarika. He gets there by applying color to his face and not revealing his identity. Shekhar spots Sagarika dancing on some Bengali song. He starts playing the dhol and she dances on his tune. Shekhar creates illusion and faints Sandhya. He kidnaps Sandhya and takes her to the naxals’ hideout. Sagarika is then questioned by them if she has any details of Himanshu and his assets.


They doubt that Sandhya holds some confidential information and ill treat her. Sandhya will be tackling Garjana Sanghatan, and will be back in Sooraj’s life in the upcoming track, where she will be shell shocked to see Sooraj preparing to get married to someone else, on Bhabho’s order. Bhabho’s dream comes true as she is the one who asks Sooraj to remarry. Well, as of now the new entry of Aadesh Chaudhary. Shekhar will not be negative as he is fighting for the rights of the poor and unprivileged people, feeling injustice done to them by the government. Chandra will have many shades in his character, where he will be the one to kidnap Sagarika, and then later free her. Shekhar will be falling in love with Sagarika in the next track. Gear up for some more drama and action after Shekhar’s entry. Keep reading.


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