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Ishita is happy to know that she can become a mother but Raman trying to stay away from her makes her upset. Raman got a doubt that he is going to die and is mistaken since the medical report is of someone else. He decides to transfer his company to Ishita’s name, which makes her feel troubled as Raman’s actions in the recent past aren’t normal. Ishita tries to beat Raman with a small broom so as to remove all his inhibitions and doubts from his mind. Raman tries to escape from getting hit infront of the family and takes Mihir’s help but in vain. Ishita shouts at him in her usual style and asks him to leave. After their sweet fight comes a romantic scene with both of them realizing their feelings and warmth. Raman showers an emotional hug while Ishita does her part by making coffee for him bringing back happy moments.


Little Rashi is the one responsible for mishap at home resulting in Ahem getting severe electric shock, and Meera gets all the flak from Kokila. Next, Rashi is about to light the room on fire and Gopi sees her. Rashi holds Gopi responsible for her mother’s death and puts blame on her. Gopi stops her and is in shock with Rashi’s thinking. With Rashi’s attempt to kill Gopi, Ahem comes to save Gopi after getting informed by Jigar on the attack.

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer gets drunk after Sasha’s words that he didn’t move on after his seperation from Meher, and gets restless. He goes on to confront Meher so as to make her heard that he has moved on from her. There is another angle that comes to forefront at the Groove music channel’s competition night. Abeer dances with Meher in his usual aggressive style while she takes a more subdued approach. Just after finishing the dance move, he finds a tattoo mark on her upper back below her neck with his name – Abeer inscribed. He asks her upfront on why she haven’t removed it as she has removed all their past remnants. Meher couldn’t give a direct reply to him. This leads to suggest that both Abeer and Meher face similar situation on the critical question on their status on moving on. Whether Meher didn’t stop thinking about Abeer post their separation ?

Badtameez Dil – Abeer & Meher compel to face the reality: Being able to ‘move on’ post their seperation or not…

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Suhani and Yuvraaj are playing Pittu game with the guests. Suddenly there is rain while a romantic song plays in the background. Suhani enjoys the rain. Rohan gets bowled over by her which makes Yuvraaj getting jealous and also developing anger. With Rohan’s presence, there are new dynamics in Suhani and Yuvraaj’s life. Next in the track, there is a musical chair game played in the Birla’s home with Dadi and all taking part. Yuvraaj again gets upset since Rohan is also present during the game. Rohan’s proximity to Suhani makes Yuvraaj continue to feel jealous. Will Suhani emerge as the winner of the musical chair ? Whether Suhani be able to clear Yuvraaj’s misunderstanding and jealousy regarding Rohan ?

Dadi against Suhani & Yuvraaj’s union; Rohan to smartly fool around Dadi in Suhani Si…

Qubool Hai:

Eid celebrations – Rangat-e-Eid are going on in the show. While Aahil feels that his love will eventually meets its destination and on other hand Shaad thinks the Eid will bring different flavors and color – passion and hate. Sanam feels that her dilemma in heart will no longer be there. Meanwhile, Shashi Kapoor (Mayor) is already planning to harm and Aahil could be on her radar. The new Sanam also plans her attack, and these developments can also bring severe harm to someone. On another front, actress Sayantani Ghosh will be performing during the celebrations on two songs. On a finer scale, Sanam gets closer to Shaad, but he stays away from her which he is doing since her marriage with Aahil. Shaad is upset though as he couldn’t marry Jannat. Therefore, when Sanam stitches his shirt button, he looks at her with sincere emotions. Will Sanam finally realize her past with Aahil and accept him wholeheartedly ?

Eid celebrations going to bring testing times for Shaad, Sanam & Aahil in Qubool Hai…

Rangat-e-Eid Promo: 20th July to 24th July 2015

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Jamai Raja:

Misha continues to show displeasure towards Roshni with her obsessive behavior, and during her latest such behavior, Sid gets irked and shouts at Misha. Misha feels Sid’s ire and gets quiet. On another front, Sid gets some proofs to prove his sister Kritika as innocent in Shiv’s murder. Roshni decides to support Sid in finding the real murderer, and gets kicked out by DD . She takes shelter in Sid’s house irking Misha. Misha determines to ruin Roshni’s life, and make her suffer more by coming close to Sid.  Nevertheless, Sid-Roshni duo get together to collect evidence against the murderer.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar’s house have shifted to farm house with Devi maa’s photo, and the Dayan’s (witch) reflection enters with them. Simar gets injured and is attacked. Mohini knows well that black dayan’s reflection will not leave them. Prem and Simar have to face the dayan before their marriage. There will be double drama in the show, one with Simar-prem’s marriage and other with dayan. On another front, Simar attends the cleansing prayers (Shuddhi Karan) after a black cat has been killed in her home. Moreover, getting rid of the witch’s reflection is also on wish list. Pratyusha Banerjee plays the witch, and her entry and activities form the current track.


Ragini has become more obsessive and possessive about Laksh. She is acting madly and is doing all possible conspiracies to make Swara’s image bad in everyone’s eyes. She along with Sanskar, gives drugs to Swara to make Laksh break his marriage plan with her. Swara dances unconsciously during her sangeet function and everyone is shocked with her state. Laksh thinks something is wrong with her and feels embarassed alongwith his family. Ragini is doing all this so that Laksh marries her and dumps Swara at the last moment. It has to be seen how Sanskaar’s truth will be out and moreover there will be some twists going to happen during Swara’s marriage.


Ishani continues to play her memory loss game so as to expose Ritika. As time passes by and also with Ishani’s efforts, RV gets drifted towards her and also inches to renew feelings for her since he wants to see her getting back memory. He takes Ishani for an outing to a restaurant for their first date to have good time. She has kept some plans to expose Ritika in-front of RV, and wants to see Ritika herself confessing on how she tried to kill her. Shikhar gets jealous to see Ishani with RV and controls his emotions but sends her message. RV somehow feels to rekindle his love with her and is oblivious that she is actually feigning memory loss. It is known that Ishani has promised to Shikhar on coming back to him after exposing Ritika Will Ishani be able to follow her promise once she exposes Ritika ?

Kumkum Bhagya:

Aaliya decides to take revenge from Abhi as she blames him for stopping her marriage with Purab at the last minute and giving her pain of separation from Purab. She seeks Tanu’s help, but Tanu refuses to help her. Aaliya thinks of taking Nikhil’s help and make Abhi rue for stopping her marriage. Meanwhile, Tanu threatens Abhi to marry him and says she can’t stop her parents anymore from talking to Dadi. Pragya decides to keep an end to Abhi’s dilemma and solve his problem. She informs Dadi that she has aborted the baby shocking everyone. Dadi gets in shock and couldn’t believe what Pragya has done. Pragya lies to make her impression bad in Dadi’s eyes so that Dadi accepts Tanu and her baby wholeheartedly. Pragya shows remorse for her act.


Kabeer and Ananya’s love soars high with trust as the binding element between them and this irks Malvika who fumes a lot with jealousy since she yearns for Kabeer’s love. Kabeer’s trust on Ananya is at stake with Malvika’s deceit of stealing the smuggling footage about ACP’s role that was supposed to be shown on KKN channel. Kabeer in his role of a south Indian Don – Bhadresh to reach the smuggler Sikandar, continues to take calculated risks, and it will not be easy for him to believe that Ananya lost the footage due to her negligence and indeed there is foul play. Will he come to know of Malvika’s role in stealing the footage to demean Ananya, and puncture Kabir’s trust on Ananya ?  On another front, there will be entry of Kabir’s ex-wife Shreya on the show. Shreya is going to be portrayed by actress Ankita Karan Patel, wife of actor Karan Patel. Shreya’s entry going to bring twists in Ananya and Kabeer’s love story.

– Ankita’s Twitter page and Wikipedia page

Ankita Karan Patel
Ankita Karan Patel to portray Shreya – Kabeer’s ex-wife in Reporters

Maharana Pratap:

The Mughals attack Chittor’s fort to mark a seige. Udai Singh has left to Udaipur and Chakrapani got the uphill task to take Ajabde and Pratap to Udaipur. He manages to succeed in his endeavor after countering Mughal soldiers. Meanwhile, the chittor’s women perform the Jauhar ritual and takes their lives to preserve their self-respect. There is re-entry of Jaivantbai in the show after she learns of the chittor’s siege and king Udai Singh living in Udaipur. Pratap gets an illusion of seeing Jaivantbai during his journey to Udaipur. Jaivantbai who had gone to Vrindavan to become Sanyasi will be living with Pratap, Ajabde, Udai Singh in Udaipur.


Ravi and Devika get married and their marriage truth comes out in front of all bringing shock. Saket comes and confronts Ravi by insulting and informing all that Ravi is a villain who has trapped Devika for marriage and the betrayal. Devika’s grandma Savitri gets worried and teary eyed with her granddaughter’s marriage. Ravi tries to clarify about himself in-front of everyone to prove his innocence but in vain. On other hand, Devika gets freezed and couldn’t able to utter a word in favor of Ravi.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi has confessed her love to Samar, and after she got fine. Both of them are being in love and got over all the misunderstandings. Ayesha plans to create a big scene and spoil Laxmi’s image. She thinks Samar has forgiven Laxmi for all her small mistakes, but this time she will create such issue that Samar will never be able to get over her biggest mistake. Ayesha hires some men and ask them to enact a fake scene very well to bring Karan and Laxmi close, and also shoot the scene as if its real.  Samar plans to propose Laxmi in the movie’s first look launch. Manav asks them to get ready for the first look of Raj Samosewala. The video of Karan and Laxmi in awkward situation airs, which makes the media point out Laxmi and Karan’s affair. Samar gets speechless seeing the video, and Manav quickly gets it off. He says his rivals are trying to sabotage Navrang’s new movie launch and answers the media. Ayesha is on a high, celebrating Laxmi’s downfall. The media talks about Laxmi’s character and Karan gets angered, clearing the matter. Samar gets doubtful about Laxmi, as Ayesha planned it well and made the scene look taken place before Dream Girl contest ended.

Samar & Laxmi’s Love to face troubles again in Dream Girl

Diya aur Baati Hum:

The new twist comes as Sandhya’s disappearance is also part of the mission. Bharat and Sandhya are the only two people who know the phase two of the plan, after kidnapping Himanshu in phase one. Sandhya has got abducted by goons, and soon she will be tackling all of them. The show will be heading for a short leap, to show Sandhya’s struggles and Sooraj’s sufferings better. Sooraj says Sandhya and Sandhya’s relation is of seven births and Bhabho frees Sandhya from her duties in all her births. Will Sandhya come back to her family ?

Sandhya’s Mission Mahabali continues; Bhabho angers seeing Sooraj’s hope on Sandhya’s return

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dylan & Dabbu’s love story has got a new setback, as Dylan has got some mysterious lady in his wife. He fails to reach on his date and upsets Dabbu. He later apologizes to her and lies about his emergency. Dabbu gets doubt on him and confides with Mamta. Mamta asks her to trust Dylan and have some patience before jumping onto conclusions. Dylan thinks to surprise Dabbu by gifting her a necklace set she liked, and Dabbu gets happy seeing Dylan order that particular necklace. Dylan fears that Dabbu will not trust him once he tells her the complete truth. He does not tell Dabbu anything, and all his plans and surprises go in vain. A new entry of a modern girl will bring twists in Dylan’s life.

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