Rajat’s lookalike to marry Devyaani, More testing times for Shastri Sisters



Anu is captive by Raghav and fails to get help from the maid. Raghav asks the maid not to help Anu, else she would lose her life. Fraud Rajat goes to meet Raghav to get some sure proof of Anu’s death. Anu hears Rajat’s voice and rushes to see him, believing he will save her. Raghav presents the medical documents along with Anu’s death certificate. The imposter Rajat is a terrorist and very clever to observe things around. Anu makes her presence known to him, by making a flower vase fall. He sights her and ignores as if he has not seen her. He realizes Raghav is keeping Anu, and will never let her return home. The imposter leaves from there with the medical docs and this shocks Anu, who was hoping to get freedom.

Anu gets shattered once again and recalls how Rajat left her hand and made her fall down the cliff. The imposter Rajat comes back home and declares that Anu is dead and presents her death certificate. He asks Devyaani to marry her, as there is no possibility that Anu can return. Anu’s trust on Rajat gets shaken, while Rajat is caught by the terrorists. Neil is sad seeing Devyaani and Rajat’s marriage going to happen and does not let his feelings come in anyone’s sight. The imposter Rajat is relieved as Anu would never come back and gets easy in the marriage preparations. Would Anu give up her hope? Keep reading.


  1. no anu will not lose hope, she will come back to her family before fake rajat and devyani’s wedding , one anushka will come know of fake rajat’s truth and then she will save her husband rajat .


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