Ansal to trouble Singh family; Rajat gets ‘inefficient’ tag in Roshni…



Rajat gets relieved knowing Mona’s condition is getting better. He getsa hope in his heart to get his love back in his life. He happily goes for the hospital inauguration. He welcomes everyone in Leela hospital. Ansal is angry seeing Leela hospital being the only competition to his hospital. He wants to ruin Leela hospital and plans a big game. Roshni dresses in an Indian saree, and Nikhil gets bowled over by her beauty. She looks stunning and she decides that she is the lady he has been looking since long. Ansal plans to strike the Singh family by a shocking incident. They get the news of the accident taken place on the highway. The victims are brought to Leela hospital and Rajat gets tensed as he does not have doctor panel ready for the emergency situation on inauguration day.

Kishore prepares Rajat and Roshni, and even Nikhil and Doodle help Vasundara and Anand. The entire Singh family manages to deal with the sudden emergency on time. The media comes there to cover the news and question Rajat about not having any blood bank in such a big multi specialty hospital. They raise questions on his inefficiency to run a hospital and lowers his confidence. Kishore and Roshni answer the media and manage the situation. Nikhil gets attracted towards Roshni and love slowly develops in his heart. He does not say anything to Roshni and sticks around her. Later, Badri gets a stroke and faints. Kishore gets worried and does Badri’s treatment himself. Ansal plans to trouble Kishore and his family again. What will Ansal do next? Keep reading.


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