Shagun to help Raman against Ashok’s plans; Bhalla family reunites in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Raman is sad and crying in his car. Ishita pacifies him and tries to console him about the fight with Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla sends Aloo parathas for Raman and Ishita shows it to Raman. She says mummy ji has made it for him, and asks him to forget the fight and have not any ego. Raman shows anger and refuses to eat it. She leaves the parathas there and goes. She comes back and sees Raman eating the pararthas. She gets relieved and informs Mrs. Bhalla that Raman’s anger is short lived. Ruhi cries thinking how the family is not believing Raman. She feels sad seeing the family breaking. She tries to clear things between Raman and Romi.

Raman is trying hard to have family union by Ishita’s efforts. Raman buys toys for the baby and plays with Rohit. He helps Romi in his business and the brothers reunite. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita make him realize how much Raman loves his family. Ishita tries to keep Raman calm and does not speak about the family, which makes Raman miss his family even more. Mrs. Bhalla unites the family. Ashok and Suraj plan to ruin Raman’s company’s name, and have made Mihir busy in sorting personal problems. Rinki has become a hurdle in Raman’s life by joining hands with Ashok. Shagun who shifted back to Delhi will be shown helping Raman from falling in Ashok’s trap. Keep reading.


  1. Sweet. Thank you to the creators and writers for making the track emotional with the family bonding, love and care. Sweet bonding between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Can’t wait for Romi and Raman to show their emotions and tears. Ruhi and Adi were cute trying to console each other. Rinky should get into trouble where no one but Ishita would come to the rescue. May be that will wake her up or may be she will end up looking at the papers that were prepared while back showing Mihir’s status in the company. Would love to see Simi joining hands with Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita in helping getting the family back together. May be just may be Romi to join the business eventually. Having a family manpower is very important factor in bringing success to the business. Keep up the good work.


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