Suhani gets a makeover and wins ‘Mrs. Allahabad’ title in Suhani Si…



Rohan has won Suhani’s trust by helping Yuvraaj before and is overfriendly with her. Though Yuvraaj does not doubt Suhani, he is irked hearing everyone talking about Rohan’s interest in Suhani. Rohan tricks Suhani and is creating misunderstanding between Suhani and Yuvraaj. He is tackling their marriage case to unite them forever, and is fooling Dadi too. Though Rohan has started liking Suhani, he has understood that Suhani loves Yuvraaj, and even Yuvraaj loves Suhani and unable to express it. He pushes Suhani to participate on the contest and fills forms on her behalf. He wants to make Yuvraaj realize Suhani’s inner beauty.

The new twist is Mrs Allahabad competition in the show. Suhani gets a makeover and takes part in the contest. Menka, Rags and Soumya give her tough competition. Yuvraaj gifts a beautiful dress and Suhani looks dazzling in it. Dadi is the judge to choose the winner and wants to make Suhani lose. The woman who holds all the good values, talent and deserving points will be evaluated alongside beauty. Yuvraaj announces that physical beauty is not judged alone, but other attributes will also be seen. The women are asked questions to check their presence of mind. Yuvraaj is bowled over seeing Suhani’s makeover and clicks her pics happily. Suhani will be winning the contest by her uniqueness and smart answers, making Yuvraaj proud and Dadi upset. What will happen next? Keep reading.



  1. dadi keeps on troubling Suhani from the first day she saw Suhani and Yuvraaj is not even able to notice that his grandmother is trying so hard to separate him from his wife, my mum whenever the show starts calls her grumpy old woman who is not pretty herself but for creams and makeup that calls Suhani ugly. i get very irritated by her manipulations.


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