Arjun to marry Radhika; Fractious feelings to dwell in Manmarzian



Radhika escapes from Nandini’s clutches and reaches Sam to stop the wedding. Before she could speak to Samrat, Saral becomes a hindrance for her. She angrily slaps Saral for abusing her. Arjun gets to Radhika to save her and beats up Saral for trying to molest Radhika. Saral leaves from there and Radhika confronts Arjun about his plan to take revenge from Samrat Khanna. She asks him about ruining Sam’s life to fulfill Nandini’s revenge. She shows him Nandini’s diary and he rages seeing his truth coming out. Arjun burns Nandini’s diary and Radhika tries to save it. Her saree catches fire and Arjun saves her yet again, getting in awkward moment, thus making everyone assume of their relation.

Radhika fails to save the diary and does not have any proof to present infront of Samrat. She manages the situation that Arjun and she love each other, and breaks Arjun and Sam’s marriage. Sam gets shattered and runs to commit suicide. She gets saved and yet blames Radhika for ruining her life. Radhika stops Arjun from going to Sam. Radhika and Arjun get married infront of everyone. Radhika fails Nandini’s plans. Everyone looks on shockingly while Radhika takes the pheras/wedding rounds with him. She tried to safe Sam’s life and got her life ruined. Arjun is revengeful failing to make Samrat pay for Nandini’s tears. Arjun will take revenge on Radhika for ruining his marriage plan with Sam. Arjun has started hating Radhika, but he saves her from goons being concerned and caring towards her. Nandini decides to get Radhika knocked off her way. Will Arjun’s anger and Nandini’s manipulation bring any hurdle in their newly made relation and Radhika’s life? Keep reading.


Friendship day Promos:

Arjun aka Aham Sharma sharing his thoughts
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Radhika aka Monica Sehgal sharing her thoughts
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