Ashok to create differences in Bhalla Family in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Things between Raman and Romi get fine, after Romi hears Raman favoring him infront of Jhakad. Romi gets touched by Raman’s words and the brothers unite, ending all the misunderstandings. Later, Ruhi tells Raman and Ishita that she wants a small baby for her to play with. Raman and Ishita bring soft toys for Ruhi, but she is adamant to have baby brother or sister. She gets angry with her parents and demands a baby, seeing her friends having young siblings. Mrs. Bhalla gets happy and says she wants the same. Raman and Ishita get shy and blushes.

In next track, Raman and Ishita attend a business party and she wears a western gown, looking gorgeous. Raman gets happy seeing her. Raman is annoyed with Ishita and drinks a lot. Ishita tries to stop him from getting over drunk, but Raman wants to forget everything by the wine. Ramna gets to know about Ashok manipulating Rinki and how Ishita has hidden Rinki’s flat truth from him. He gets annoyed with her for hiding such big thing from him. Ishita did not wish to tell Raman knowing his anger. She has hidden the fact that Ashok has paid for Rinki’s flat. Ashok comes there and speaks bad about Ishita and Bhalla family. Raman gets angry on Ashok. Ishita gets upset seeing Raman’s cold behavior. Raman holds her hand and takes her from the party. Will Ashok succeed in breaking Bhalla family? Keep reading.


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